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The Missing Turkey Leg (standard:mystery, 1891 words)
Author: norm yantisAdded: Jun 19 2008Views/Reads: 2610/1281Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Did Beth's best friend in the world really steel the the Turkey Leg?


Hi, my name Beth Johnson. I am the lead investigator at the Johnson's
Detective Agency. I am 25yrs old and have been doing my job for over 
five years now. That is, I have been getting paid for doing this job 
for five years now. It really is funny how I discovered that I wanted 
to be a detective. It was my dog Pepsi's fault. It was the first year I 
had Pepsi and she went with me to granny's house for Thanksgiving. 
There she was caught with a turkey leg. I guess I had better tell you 
the story. 

I woke up that Thanksgiving morning to my birthday present licking my
face. I got Pepsi that past February as a puppy on my fifteenth 
birthday. Pepsi is a black lab and is a loving and caring animal. I 
love her with all of my heart. She would sleep with me at night and if 
I wasn't feeling good she would lay there and keep me warm. She had her 
side of the bed and I had my side. Pepsi did everything and went 
everywhere with me except for school. So I never for a moment thought 
of not taking her to granny's. However, my little brother hated Pepsi 
and he threw a fit because he didn't want to have to sit in the back 
with her. I say little brother although he was only 13yrs old he stood 
six feet tall and was always picking on me. I came home one day to find 
mom and dad gone and Jimmy in a bad mood. I guess I did something to 
upset him and he pushed me down. I yelled at him to stop. I guess he 
thought it was funny and was going to push me down again as I was 
trying to get up. He started toward me and Pepsi leaped in between us 
and growled and barked so loud that I thought she was going to bite 
him. I know Jimmy did also because he yelled and jumped back. 

As he did, he was screaming “Control your dog. She had better not bite.”
I yelled “Pepsi no! Come here girl” and I started to tell her she was a 
bad doggie. As mom and dad walked in, dad said “Don't scold her. Jimmy 
started to protest but dad said “Boy, I was standing just inside the 
kitchen.' That shut him up. Dad looked at me and said “Honey that is 
why I bought her was to protect you”. 

We got to granny's house and as we were getting out of the van, Jimmy
said the dog would not quit licking him. “She was just trying to say 
she was sorry for last week when she growled at you” I said. “I don't 
like kissing dogs” said Jimmy. “Then you had better stop kissing your 
girl friend, Pepsi looks better than she does” I replied. As Jimmy's 
face was turning red, he said “Why, I will get you for that” and 
started toward me. Dad broke in and said “That wasn't nice Beth. Tell 
your brother you're sorry.” “Its ok dad I already know she is sorry” 
replied Jimmy. Dad grabbed both of us by the arm and pulled us aside 
and told us that we had better be on our best behavior. We both said 
“Yes sir” to him very quickly. Just then a car pulled in the drive. 
Uncle Fred got out of the car and Pepsi jumped on him and tried to kiss 
him but all she did was get mud on his shirt. I grabbed her collar and 
pulled her in the house. My uncle he was pretty upset, he still had to 
go over to his girlfriend's house. 

Granny acknowledged mom with “Happy Thanksgiving.” As she gave mom a
kiss on the cheek she said “I have a small ham in the oven right now 
since you can't eat turkey.” Walking into the house, granny saw Pepsi 
and I and came over to us. Granny kneeled down and petted Pepsi. She 
asked “How is my little girl doing today? Does she remember the rules?  
NO, dogs are allowed in the kitchen.” Pepsi licked granny's face as if 
to say “Yes ma-am.” 

Pepsi and I went up to the TV room. We turned on the TV to watch the
Thanksgiving Day Parade. I was so into the parade that I didn't even 
notice Pepsi had gotten up and left. I had no idea how long Pepsi had 
been gone. I looked around the room the same time I was asking “Pepsi 
where are you?” I thought for a moment that she might have gone out 
back to potty. Granny has a door in the utility room that has a pet 
door built into it. She had it put in when her dog was alive. 

I started to get a little worried because she didn't come right back. So
I got up and started to walk down stairs. That is when I saw Jimmy 
coming out of the basement. He was sucking on his fingers one at time. 
I asked him if he had seen Pepsi. Wiping something oily off his fingers 
he said “I saw her go out back,” then he hurried off. I was headed down 
the hall and ran into my uncle and asked if he had seen Pepsi? He said 
as he was closing the basement door “She was out back.” So I walked to 

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