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Through The Eyes Of (standard:poetry, 320 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Jun 27 2008Views/Reads: 2133/1313Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A friend of mine challenged me to write a poem with those words in it. I did one and he did too. When viewed together it makes an excellent poem. So here's a collaboration with a good friend of mine about looking at me through other people's eyes.

Okay before you start, this is a long poem but please stay with it
through to the end. I think you would really enjoy it. "*" denotes the 
difference in my through from his. "~" denotes the difference in each 
thought process. 

Through The Eyes Of 


Through the eyes of man 

I hide who I really am. 

It doesn't matter what strangers think. 

For they only see the surface. 


Through the eyes of your friends 

you're a lot of fun. 

Always good for a laugh 

when the work is done. 

You're there when they cry, 

being the friend they want. 

There when they need you, 

gone when they don't. 


Through the eyes of family 

I am who is excepted. 

The good daughter, kind sister, 

caring wife, and the doting mother. 

They see what they want to see. 


Through the eyes of your mom 

you're that unruly child. 

Always into mischief 

and wanting to be wild. 

You'll always appear, 

in her eyes alone, 

the baby she raised. 

You'll never be grown. 


Through the eyes of my beloved 

I see the real me. 

I may not like who I am. 

But I'm so glad he sees the me inside 

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