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The Lost Isle of Solomon (standard:adventure, 3305 words)
Author: Daniel ChanceAdded: Jul 27 2008Views/Reads: 1784/1019Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
When one man inherits the map of a lost island, he and his friend go on a quest for the ultimate treasure!

The Lost Isle of Solomon By Daniel Chance 

Phineas Williams sat alone in a lonely tavern in his tiny town. He had
been waiting now for nearly thirty minutes, sipping his bourbon. 

"Confound it, when is that damned George getting here?" he asked to
himself, checking his pocket watch. He had put off an important meeting 
at the last minute over this urgent request. 

Phineas wheeled around in his chair as the tavern door banged open and
then close. George Daniel's rushed up to the bar where Phineas sat. "I 
apologize for my being late. I will explain it later on. First things 
first, I must tell you why I called you here!" he said, panting and 
huffing. "Well, tell me." said Phineas, now irate. 

"Recently, my father died, as you know. Well, in his will, he left me a
map of a lost island." said George. "What has that to do with 
anything?" asked Phineas. "You have heard the story of the lost 
treasure of Solomon?" asked George, countering Phineas. "Yes, I have. 
But you are not really going to make me sit here and listen to you say 
it is on this 'lost island', are you?" replied Phineas. "Let me finish. 
Take a look at the map" answered George. 

He handed a bit of aged parchment over to Phineas. Phineas grunted in
annoyance, but looked at it. "Now turn it over." Phineas turned it 
over. There was a message on the back: 

"In the last day of our DEAR Solomon. 

The old king had had an abundance of treasure. 

But he had some in particular of the LORD, which 

Needed to be hidden in a remote place to keep it out 

Of the wrong hands. 

So, to PLEASE God, Solomon had his most trusted 

Servant REMOVE the treasure as he died. Solomon 

Told him, take it farther than no man has ever gone 

Before. THIS is holy adornment, and so it will CURSE 

Israel if it is not taken beyond man's reaches. 

So, as Solomon died, his servant boarded a ship by 

Himself. He fasted all through his journey, and prayed 

Every day to reach his goal. Finally, he landed on an 

Unknown island, and hid the treasure. He placed a holy 

Bond and curse over it, and placed obstacles through 

The island, lest any man ever found the island, and looked 

For his treasure. And the servant lived his days out on the 

Isle of Solomon for ever and ever, 


"So, what do you want me to do?" asked Phineas. "Well, you own the
Traverse Shipping Company, and ---" Phineas stopped him. "No, I am 
under no circumstances going to lend you one of my sips!" George opened 
and cosed his mouth. "Why not?" he asked. "Because, I am not going to 
put one of my ships and crew in jeopardy over a treasure story that is 
so obviously fake!" answered Phineas. "Besides, my company is about to 
go into financial ruin over this impression mess the British are 
putting us through." 

"But suppose it is real. I will give you 50% of the treasure if you lend

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