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The Indian Campaign (standard:drama, 4563 words)
Author: Daniel ChanceAdded: Jul 29 2008Views/Reads: 1512/935Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
York's men are called to fight the enemy forces in India during World War 4

The gigantic French doors opened up before Commander York and his two
lines of soldiers, revealing the midnight sky. "Forward march!" he 
commanded, straightening a wrinkle on his smooth dress uniform. They 
went forward at the same time, creating the powerful sound of clicking 
boots on a hard surface. They were on the roof of the Supreme Leaders' 
gigantic headquarters. There was an orchestra in one corner, and the 
entire circular rim of the roof was covered in commoners and 

A zeppelin was moving to the building. York lined the two lines of
troops parallel to each other across a pathway leading back to the 
doors. "Halt!" he called. They stopped on command. "Men, face!" The 
soldiers looked across the path to each other. The zeppelin touched the 
mooring device, and dropped the gangplank. "Men, load blanks!" They 
reached into their packs and inserted the blanks into their guns. 
"Raise guns!" They lifted their guns, forming a "^", and a canopy over 
the pathway. 

The click of boots was heard coming down the gangplank. York could see
the black, polished boots come into view. A politician (obviously one 
of his advisers) suddenly began speaking. "Presenting his Imperial 
Utopian Leader, Pierre D' Lafayette." D' Lafayette's head finally came 
into view. He was a man in his late fifties. His hair was grayed, 
except for a black line at the back of his head. He had blue, piercing 
eyes, and a pencil thin mustache. "Men, fire!" commanded York. 

As his men fired, the orchestra began to play "The Invincible Eagle" (or
as they know it, "Hymn to the Iron Fist), their national anthem. Pierre 
D' Lafayette walked carelessly up to a podium, and motioned for the 
orchestra to halt. Beside him, his advisers and York's superior, 
brigadier general Wayne Gun. D' Lafayette looked out to the crowd. 
"Gentlemen, ladies, I have grim news." York and his men took up some 
seats that had been reserved for them. 

"I have just returned from the War Department. The Neo forces have burst
through our lines at the contaminated fields of Pakistan and have 
pushed into our clean half of India. After going through, they 
proceeded to take our munitions factories and power plants in the 
contaminated half. It is for this reason that I am sending brigadier 
general Wayne Gun and his military forces to India. He and his men will 
be leaving tomorrow, and will be occupying India until further notice." 

D' Lafayette stepped down from the podium, the medals glistening on his
brown military jacket. Gun called to York. "Yes general?" he asked 
saluting. "You have already heard about our next mission. Tomorrow, you 
and my other commanders ride in my plane. We are going to make the 
further plans while there, so we don't have to waste valuable time in 
India." replied Gun. 

Later on, York arrived at his home in Metropolis. He was greeted by Mary
and Johnathon. "I am going to India tomorrow." he announced. The parlor 
burst into a frenzy. "India? You do mean the non- contaminated zone, 
right?" asked Johnathon. "Yes, but I am going to be there until further 
notice. That means I cannot tell you when I will get back. answered 
York. "Until further notice? You just got back." said Mary. 

"I know, but I also know how much you want to go there. I can send you
stuff from India. Later on, you can get passports and come visit me 
when not much is going on." replied York. "Well, okay, but I still 
don't like it." said Mary, with a hint of sadness in her voice. "I need 
to start packing." he said, going to their room upstairs. 


The next morning at 8:00, York bade goodbye to his family as he joined
his comrades at the airport. Outside, there were several large army 
planes parked, ready to take them to India. The automated maintenance 
systems and a few humans were getting them ready. York was looking for 
Gun. Outside, the planes were starting. "Contact!" bellowed the 
personnel, cranking the propellers into action. 

"York, over here!" called Gun. York turned. Gun was surrounded by top
brass. "Our plane comes here to this gate. It's the "Clay Pigeon." said 
Gun, pointing to said boarding area. "It's here now, so we need to get 

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