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Mistakes Of Me 2 (standard:romance, 1784 words) [2/3] show all parts
Author: JackieAdded: Aug 03 2008Views/Reads: 1198/765Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Biggest regret. Losing something without even trying.

It was the first day of high school at a brand new school. As she
approached the door to her class late which was the last thing she 
wanted as being late all eyes would be on her and in that thought in it 
itself seemed embarrassing. 

Two students were out in the hall a girl with dark piercing brown eyes
and a guy who both seemed to be flirting trying not to make eye contact 
with them she stood there trying to figure out how to ask how many 
students were in there but before she could ask they both went into the 
class. Standing there for a minute or two the teacher asked from the 
classroom "Are you coming in?". "Uh, yes" she replied, taking a deep 
breath went in not looking at anyone but the floor and sat at an empty 
chair which were all put in a circle so everyone could introduce 
themselves a brown eyed brunette naive maybe a little or a lot came her 
turn "My name is Livia". 

She eventually made friends with that girl from the hall whose name was
Jeanette. Livia wanted to form a clique so she introduced Jeanette to 
two other friends she met from the classroom whose names were  Sahara 
and Pam. Now she had her clique other thoughts began to creep into her 
mind, thoughts about love. 

She pictured love as her favourite movie lets call it "The Bride" where
there's this poor stable poor boy who says "As you wish" a lot and he 
was referred to as poor and perfect. As the school year progressed she 
started to think about love more and more and wondered how would her 
first love would be like, thoughts of...Would he buy me flowers?How 
would he look like? She would often spend her nights gazing up at the 
sky from her bedroom window admiring how bright the moon and stars were 
in the dark sky with the clouds floating by wondering if whoever he was 
if he was staring up at the sky wondering the same thing. 

It was during math class that she first noticed him. His name was 
Winslow he had brown eyes and a charming smile, feeling nervous seated 
next to him she tried to figure out how to stir up a conversation. She 
asked "Uh, do you know how to do this?" pointing to her paper. He 
looked at her and said "No", feeling hurt she felt her eyes begin to 
water as it took a lot for her to even muster to ask that question as 
she was a very shy girl. Probably noticing her eyes water he tried to 
help her a few minutes later explaining how to go about it. 

As the school year went on she imagined which out of her classmates
would be her boyfriend. Then one day Winslow rushed up to her smiling 
asking her to wait up for him saying he had something to ask her, she 
thought to herself oh my god this is it he's going to ask. He had a 
friend with him then Winslow said "A friend of mine wanted me to ask if 
you would go out with him". Disappointed she said "No" and that was it. 

It was recreation day and the students got to play a video game versing
one another determined to win she choose her usual player and beat out 
the whole class Winslow was impressed. Realizing that maybe if she 
found some common interests as Winslow then maybe he'd notice her. So 
she practised on how to be a hockey goalie with her brother taking 
shots at her and over time she became very good. 

It was during gym class she made her debut and showed off at what a good
goalie she was. After class Winslow called her "Pavel Burry", she 
laughed. One day Winslow begged Livia to be the goalie on his team 
hesitating she said "No", flashing his irresistible smile she gave in. 
When she walked into the gymnasium the bleachers were filled with 
crowds of cheering people, standing at the hockey net she froze Winslow 
was standing in front of her trying to encourage her. Seeing the hockey 
puck head straight for her she couldn't move, score! Livia walked out 
feeling mad at herself for not even trying, mad at herself for being 

Another day gone by it was picture day Livia sat in a stairwell feeling
uneasy then Winslow appeared flashing her one of his charming smiles. 
It was the end of class and Winslow and Livia were both the last to 
leave making eye contact holding one another's gaze Livia not watching 
where she was going almost smacked right into the wall, Winslow smiled. 
Both of them realizing they couldn't wait for each school day to see 
one another again. 

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