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Does She Know? (standard:poetry, 244 words)
Author: RayneAdded: Mar 10 2001Views/Reads: 2006/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About a pregnant teenage girl and whether or not she knows about the rumors that go on about her.

Does she know what they say, The things they claim to know? They’ve been
whispering Through the halls, Things that aren’t so. 

She’s a slut, She’s a whore, She had premarital sex. She’s going to
hell, She did him twice, What will her peers claim next? 

Her grades have dropped, she seems depressed, She’s getting somewhat
rounder. I wonder if they Used protection... What did she tell her 

There was abortion, There was the pill, The options were all there. But
she chose none And took some time to Examine the situation with care. 

C’mon, she deserves a little respect: She didn’t kill the baby. She
accepted the fact that she made a mistake And had sex when she wasn’t 

If you just look, If you just see The whole situation clearly, You will
see that She’s the only one acting maturely. 

She was nice before it happened, I bet she’ll be the kindest mother, And
never say he was a mistake, Or she is such a bother. 

She’ll never blame the baby, This she confided in me: The only fault it
was was mine, When I had sex too early. 

As I see her walk through the halls With her head held up high, I wonder
to myself thinking “Why doesn’t she cry?” 

I later found she had forgiven herself And this one thing she said was
true: Regarding the comments, the rumors, and lies, “Quite frankly,” 
she said. “I knew.” 


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