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how stress and worries (standard:Inspirational stories, 505 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Aug 19 2008Views/Reads: 2520/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

Worries and stress how to fix these human emotions” 

First let us consider what stress and worry does to a person life,
stress bring us high blood pressure and make us unsettled and unhappy, 
situation we have gotten ourselves into brings out worries and fear and 
emotional distress, which only become worse if we dwell on our 
failures, the question is how do we manage our emotions and cope with 
the everyday struggles , let us examine ourselves and learn to cope 
with the reality of our situations, worries never has solved any 
problems nor will it ever make things better, it only add to our 
present miseries. recall we are all humans and we all make vital 
mistakes because of the human nature of our flesh, Jesus Christ 
recognizes our trouble in the flesh, he said in the word of God that 
the spirit is strong but the human flesh I weak, so let us face the 
reality of ourselves, we make fatal mistakes simply because we are 
mistake prone, it right in our nature to be failures,   so what state 
is a person in when they have cast all their cares and worries to Jesus 
Christ, they have emptied themselves to the submission of Jesus Christ 
and cast themselves into the comfort zone of no worries, and have 
developed a care free stage that will only bring them happiness and 
contentment, worries never has solved any problems, and it will never 
help us to worry no matter what the cause is , worries and stress only 
add to our present trouble, and never helps matters in the least, all 
the past stress you ever had in your life never made things better for 
you , but it did make things worse , and this is a true fact.. To be 
real honest the only way to handle stress and worries and sorrows is to 
give them all to the lord Jesus Christ, for his word plainly quote this 
casting all your cares upon him, because he care so much for you, maybe 
your thinking your worries and woes are too big for the lord to handle 
, but that is hog wash, the lord know the human emotions of human, and 
he know that they have a problem of stress , and that is why he wants 
people to cast all the troubles of life and give it all to him. And he 
know that when people do this , that then they will be trouble free, 
and have a healthy mind and attitude, and I leave you with this , there 
is only on way to become trouble free and his name is Jesus Christ , so 
today consider the truth that I have been inspired to write that it 
might free you from yourselves and the stress of ever day life problems 
, but note give ever worry and stressful thought to the lord because he 
cares so much for you and your health and well being.. Thanks for 
reading ,


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