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The Tailor As Vishnu (standard:fantasy, 1510 words)
Author: Brit_in_MalaysiaAdded: Aug 21 2008Views/Reads: 1620/937Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A fable from ancient India of a tailor goes to unusual lengths to win a princess.

“The Tailor As Vishnu” 

A fable of old India 

Long, long ago, in the country of the Gandas in a city named
Pundravardanam, a young tailor and a carpenter, dressed in their best 
clothes, wandered through the crowd, celebrating a great festival. 

They walked beside the Palace, marvelling at the majestic spires
gleaming in the warm fragrant Sunlight. 

The tailor looked up and there he beheld a wondrous girl dressed in
ravishing white silks. Her matchless beauty transfixed his heart. His 
friend tugged at his sleeve, “Come away, my friend, you cannot hope to 
win the Princess.” 

But as the days passed it became apparent to Hariswami that the tailor
had become so distraught for love he could not continue to live. He 
came upon Ajay sitting outside his house on the river bank in silent 
gloom. “My friend, it pains me much to see you in this sorrowful 

Ajay said, “I cannot help it. I must go to her. I must win her. Help me,
Hariswami; you were always the bright one. Conceive a plan that I may 
win her – for I desire naught but her...Ahhh!....She is as lovely as a 
thousand stars, with a form so gracious---.” 

“Be silent, Ajay! I am trying to think...” 


Three weeks later, Ajay received a messenger. A little boy in rags had
come upon him. Ajay was so much in trance he did not hear him. So the 
boy took hold of Ajay's hair and pulled him off his seat. 

From the dust, the tailor said angrily, “What do you want, you

The boy retreated some distance and said, “Your friend the carpenter
wants you  to go to him – straightaway!” 

A few minutes later, Hariswami welcomed him into the house. “Come into
my work-building – I have a surprise for you.” 

Ajay followed him and then, stopped in amazement, at the door. 

In the middle of the building, on the floor, was a large bird, made of
wood and painted in glowing gold, silver and white. “What is it?” “It's 
a wonderful aerial car whereby you can fly to the Rajkumari. It will 
impress her into loving you – I am sure of it. It is painted like Lord 
Vishnu's flying chariot – the great bird from Heaven: Garuda!” 
Hariswami said. 

“But you know it is forbidden for any citizen to make a vimana without
Royal Permission. Are you forgetting the old days? Skies filled with 
battling flying machines!” 

But Hariswami calmed him, “Who will know? It does not look like the old
machines. It is disguised...looking from the ground would you say it 
looks round and silver? Also remember it will be dark – and...the 
Princess is the loveliest girl in the land...” 


The Rajkumari slept alone on her balcony under the warm sparkling night
sky. As was her custom, she gazed into the heavens, sighing at the 
Moon. And then, she watched with growing disbelief as a shining huge 
bird came out of the sky and rested beside her. From out of it stepped 
a beautiful youth dressed in fine attire, surrounded by clouds of fresh 

The Princess knelt at his feet. 

“I am Vishnu the God!” 

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