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Love works (standard:Inspirational stories, 993 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Aug 24 2008Views/Reads: 2090/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This topic is about Love, true love that only come from the Lord God

(  Love works) 

First off God wants people to love him with all their might , he expects
us to worship him in spirit and in truth, God want take second best to 
nothing, he demands men to love one another, let us see what love does, 
it certainly does no man harm, nor does love lift men up with pride. 
Love is more that a emotion it goes deeper than a person can explain. 
We are taught of God that love always wins, Love draws men to do good 
things, love keeps the world in tack, the man who has hate in his heart 
is a man most bitter, hate will destroy the man character, bitterness 
of the heart is a poison that will eat at the heart and destroys the 
man that its conquers . Some People take hate to the grave with them, 
they never forgive nor will they be forgiven themselves, malice and 
envy and vengeance are brothers, they feed the mind with murder and 
will in the end destroys those that practice these three downfalls, I 
have seen men lifted up in pride, they have achieved some things of 
material good, and it goes to their heads, the riches man will know 
someone richer that he is himself. The more a man has in this life . 
The more worries and stress he has... No man can say I have need of no 
man help, not even the very rich man who trust in his fortune can 
honestly say he would never need another man help, the rich man could 
have a heart attack going down the road being alone and having to pull 
off the road because he is in great pain of the heart attack, and this 
man would certainly be at another man mercy to give him help to call 
someone for a ambulance . Men in general have a direct problem , they 
are caught up with the Adam nature, the flesh of man is vile wicked to 
the core, but only God can tame the fleshly nature with his love and 
knowledge... Someone asked once how can I find myself to know me really 
?first find God and then God will  mold you into the person that you 
should be.. People that are truly Christian are the happiest people on 
earth, because they have given over to God their whole selves. They 
don't trust themselves any more nor do they lay up treasures on earth, 
because they know that this earth is temporal , God make all men a 
earnest promise, Draw near to God and he will draw near to you, ...that 
not too hard to understand right? People that I have meet in my life 
that were true Christian were so happy, you could see the happiness in 
their expressions” they have everything to live for and nothing worldly 
to gain... It funny how easy it is for us to tell a person we love them 
by mouth, but love comes for the inner heart, and is a compassion that 
is past understanding really, (God is quoted as love..).( and love is 
God ) How could I love really less God would show me how to love? The 
evidence of love is clearly seen, The friendly man who speaks a howdy, 
the smile of a person that has the real love of God in their lives, yes 
if you look around certainly you will run into someone that loves 
everyone and these be the people that have been born again of the Lord 
Jesus Christ spirit, God didn't make it hard to get to know him, he 
sent his only begotten son The lord Jesus Christ to show you just how 
much he loves the souls of men, hell was not prepared for mankind but, 
for Satan the one that fell from the heavens in rebellion against God 
.. If we would ask ourselves who is our really worse enemy, if we would 
be honest we would declare that we ourselves are our worst enemy... If 
I would let love be my guide where would love take me and what reward 
would I receive. I will answer that question, myself,... first off my 
attitude would be to good purposes , and my heart would be filled with 
good things, I would see no man that I would hate nor would I wish evil 
on no man.. Those that I meet as strangers I would love and respect, 
and the smile on my face would be real and not fake .. I would be 
mindful of other men trouble and pray for those that are afflicted, 
Love would lead me to still waters and peace and kindness would be at 
my house, people who see me would see someone that don't trust in 
worldly things but the eternal home that will await me when I die and 
leave this body of clay... Good words would be said of me when people 
meet me , because love would certainly show it self to my good... It is 
a fact no man can buy happiness nor purchased love with money.. Love is 
a free gift of the lord God Almighty, Love is not earned , God love is 
from Grace and cannot be achieved any other way, it is a free gift ,, 
people who are worldly are far from God, and those that trust in riches 
will find that money want save their mortal souls, nor brings 
happiness.. My Father was a poor Farmer with and eight grade education 
, but one thing he had and left this world with and that was love for 
his God and his neighbor, in his hands when he died was the same thing 
he come into the world with( Nothing) and my dear friend the same will 
be in your hands when you die( Nothing) if you enjoyed my article give 
me and email at


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