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questions only you can answer!! (standard:Inspirational stories, 742 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Sep 03 2008Views/Reads: 2288/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
some thoughts on charactors

Questions of the Heart 

Did you ever wonder what you life was really all about? Did it cross you
mind and you thought to yourself where am I heading in my life? And by 
the way did you ever ponder on what really was your purpose on earth,? 
Or did that ever even dawn on you or not.?.. Most people go threw life 
sort of blind like, they never think of themselves or what they might 
become, they are narrow minded I guess that would be the correct word 
to use narrow minded, first off really all of us must have a purpose , 
something that we are to do, or we would never had been born if the 
lord God didn't have a divine purpose for each of us that live and have 
our person. Some people die you and people die at all ages, and we 
wonder why they died, the answer never comes, simply because only God 
knows, is what I have come to believe.. Would not a person be required 
to be themselves, we all have a certain way we act and think, we all 
are so different in so many ways, but we are alike in a lot of ways 
also. Wonder how many people go to church and put on a Sunday face, and 
take that Sunday face off as soon as they leave church? In my opinion 
the number would be great. Any one can act good a couple of hours even 
the worst of men and woman can do that... By the way why is man so hard 
to know?  We cannot read people minds.. Nor can we know what  evil that 
might be even in the friendly face.... let me ask you a question, how 
do you feel about other, strangers, or people in general? Do you trust 
people or give some kind of judgment of them that you come in contact 
with? Or does that really don't make no difference to you at all what 
they are like in the first place... Does people that come to meet you 
to get to know you see the real you or do you wear a mask? I am asking 
some pretty blunt questions, but I need to so you will get the message 
of what I am trying to get across... I know that even in the worst of 
us there has to be a side of us that could produce good things, how do 
we learn to be somebody? Do we want to be some one that has good 
qualities or not? This is the blunt question we must ask our self and 
answer our self with learn of God is the first step to 
finding ourselves, to learn to love and not hate, to find faith and 
goodness is worth more that gold or million of dollars, a good humble 
person is of good to the lord God, humbleness is a great quality in any 
person, charity is something that is good and make for good in any one 
life.. When we find God in a real personal way we find ourselves.. Then 
we don't make the decisions he does and that lead us to good things and 
a good quality of life.. A fool would know that money don't make 
happiness nor does money buy friendships' when a man is born does he 
have anything in his hands? When a man dies does his hands take 
anything with him? No his hand are as empty as they were when he was 
first born...ask your self this do I want to find true peace and 
happiness or just go threw life narrow minded like a leave blown of the 
winds.. What really last on earth and follows men even after death of 
the body .. Is a good name and friends that say he was a good soul , a 
man of the lord for sure, nothing is better that to learn of the lord 
and learn yourself what it takes to be a good Godly earnest true man of 
the lord God almighty.. A good name is better than a precious ointment 
or choice gold.. For a man is know by his ways on earth and will be 
honored as a good man or called and evil man .. Which man would you 
chose to be this is the last question and only you can answer this one 
to yourself......


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