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The Wages of Sin> (standard:Inspirational stories, 720 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Sep 05 2008Views/Reads: 2260/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
some thoughts God and the none believers..

The Wages of Sin we might think there is no pay off for sin, but sin
takes men into some strange places,, like jail houses and prisons, it 
is a known fact that God see man for really what man is, Man is a most 
unruly creature that has the potential to do good but often he reject 
good and make the wrong choice of doing wrong,. The Atheist don't 
believe in God he or she just cannot get it threw their head that they 
are a real live God, they are the hopeless within that belief because 
someday when they stand before the judgement seat of Jesus Christ as 
unbeliever they will then face the awful truth , that they are 
condemned to and eternal place of punishment which they will not 
escape. Jesus Christ quotes this I am the way the truth and the light, 
there is only one true way to go to heaven and here it is. A man when 
he is convicted of God and drawn by the holy Ghost of God and he or she 
realizes that they are a sinner according to the holy scriptures we are 
all sinners , which is the truth of the matter. We must realize that 
God has give everyone the choice either believe or not believe. God 
don't force himself on anyone, he does not come into anyone ones heart 
less the person allows him to come into their hearts.. Did God make 
salvation so hard that a man cannot be saved easy? The answer is this 
absolutely no..God show his love by allowing his only begotten son 
Jesus Christ to give his life on the cross as a sacrifice for the sin 
of all that so hard to understand? It shouldn't be but 
some people refuse to accept this as facts, there are many thousand 
books in the world some are out dated and not read anymore , but the 
holy Bible stays in tact it is the book men and woman have live by and 
died by for thousand of generation and it is still the most powerful 
book ever written by holy men as the spirit of the lord God moved upon 
their heart and hand to write and scribble down .. You might be reading 
this and you might be and atheist , and you have settled it in your 
heart that there is no God, but just because you believe what you do 
this don't alter the truth or make the truth of none effect...take a 
good look at what you have believed and use some common sense , the 
earth had a master builder and it is certain man never made the element 
and the heavenly bodies that you see at night when looking into the 
nigh skies and here you are believing that all this came to be was 
threw a big bang theory, which don't whole water , things just don't 
happen by mere chance, you just as well face up to the fact that there 
is a real God almighty, that made all things as it please him, he never 
asked the advice or no human being, the bible says and declares that 
God is a spirit and those that worship him must worship him in spirit 
and in truth.. You must acknowledge that you either believe or don't 
believe, and if you don't believe according to the scriptures you are 
condemned already, and again this is your choice, and I beg you this 
day to consider the truth and allow yourself that because some day your 
going to come face to face with the God that you have believed don't 
exist, then it will be too late for the time is now that all men should 
believe and accept the God who has made plans for all men that will 
come to him in belief will have a part in eternal life, and for the 
best of my knowledge I cannot figure why anyone would want to reject so 
proven a things as the existence of Holy spiritual God that would have 
all men to love and obey him that they might have peace of mind and a 
good standing with God and with men...I thank God that he gives all 
mankind the right to chose..


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