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Heaven or hell you chose? (standard:Inspirational stories, 772 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Sep 06 2008Views/Reads: 2153/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

Heaven or hell 

Did you ever stop and think of where you might go if you died , I guess
at one time or another ever person has certainly had that cross their 
minds, if you are a Atheist stop reading right now, because you have 
already sealed your fate and destiny, each person on earth will make a 
decision, either to believe or not believe, let me ask you this 
question can you if you are a none believer prove that there is no God? 
Today people are searching for answers of many questions, man has a way 
to convince himself of things that are just not right, what you chose 
is what you will have to live with, how can people be so blind to not 
see that there is a real God and a God that preaches love not hate, 
what does hate do for a person that commits such sin, hate eat like a 
cancer and gets bigger and finely in the end it destroys , I never ever 
in my whole life really hated anyone , even before I repented of my 
sins and become a Christian I refused to let hate abide in my heart 
ever before I come to know God, so my friend how about you ? What is 
inside of that heart of yours? I have talked to so many people in my 
life here on earth, some was good hearted people that would give you 
their coats all their backs, and some I have meet was selfish and self 
centered that they could have no compassion for anyone in any manner, I 
don't know about you that read this but I know I would hate to be in 
those people shoes on the judgment day of the lord, some people pride 
there selves on being hateful and mean, If looks could kill they would 
have destroyed everyone they meet eyes ball to eye ball, certainly you 
not that kind of gentleman or lady I sure hope you are not at least” is 
it really hard to love people? Does a smiling face make your day? How 
often when you got real concerned about someone and really cared for 
their well being , was you not blessed for the compassion you had for 
them , I know you was blessed because you really showed kindness and 
was caring, some may wonder why this old mountain writer' writes these 
article , I do this because I care for people , I will never see anyone 
face that reads my articles but just a comment means so much to me from 
a reader it blesses me to think that I might of made someone life a 
little better, and I like to talk about deep subjects, I think today 
that people should talk to each other and have interest in what each 
other thinks about things of life and God...God hates sin, but God 
loves the sinner, he wants the sinner to quit sin that he hates, when I 
was a child I never minded my parents in ever command nor did you maybe 
as well, but in some areas I did , I never stole from the neighbors or 
did ill to anyone, this I did, but I slipped and smoked cigarettes but 
in the human nature of people we are given to not follow the right 
thing, and that when we get in trouble, . Poor communication is a bad 
thing, communication with the lord God almighty is the most important 
thing a person can do , in doing so we find ourselves closer to God , 
intact with good honorable things and ways, we learn to love and listen 
to God and he gives us logic that keeps our feet on the right road, the 
Bible says there is a narrow road and a wide road, the narrow road 
leads to life eternal and the wide road leads to hell, the devil road 
is wide a wide road is easer the walk on than a narrow road,. The wide 
road has many that are walking on it staggering threw life living the 
sinful wide road experience, it's a road that does not care where life 
goes. Nor where it takes the traveler , it a road to hell, and many 
will stay on the wide road and refuse to take the narrow path that lead 
to God and eternal life. It is my hope that the narrow road will be the 
road you take that will as sure as my finger write the take you to life 
everlasting.. Thanks for reading. Mcqueen.


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