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Having Friends (standard:Inspirational stories, 614 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Sep 12 2008Views/Reads: 2264/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this is a short artickle on frienships

Finding Friends The saddest thing that could ever happen to anyone is to
not have a single friend , how often do we take our friend for 
granted?, and by the way what is your definition of a friend? What 
causes you to like someone? Is it their friendly smile? Or is it they 
have the same interest as you do? You probably never even thought about 
why you love your friend, in my opinion friends are two people that 
love each other threw faults and shortcomings, but it never alters 
their friendship, maybe it would be a good idea to express to your 
friend just how glad you are to have him or her as a devoted friend, it 
is certain that this would let your friend know just how much you 
appreciated having him or her as a friend, there is so many wonderful 
thing that can happen between real earnest true to life friends. A good 
friend can help with encouraging words during sickness or lose. Let us 
meditate on just how important it is on having good friend , and let us 
learn to be mindful of someone that takes us as we are and never wavers 
to be our friend , no matter what happen a true friend is always their 
for each other and true friend goes down fighting for each other so to 
speak, and true friendship never fails, because love linked them 
together in a solid bond of love and friendship,   I would wager that 
someone that is reading this has a friend that is so dear and good that 
your friendship is unbreakable and maybe you never took the time to 
medicate on what a good friend is worth to you. Question how does 
people become friends? First I think they must talk and learn of each 
other interest, finding out what is inside of each others hearts and 
seeing if the friendship can become mutual. All the money in the world 
is not worth trading a friend too, money will soon slip away ,but true 
friends are forever bonded even till death departs them, The lord Jesus 
begs men with the holy ghost to become his friend, but so many times 
men want become his friend , because they know what is required to be 
his true friend, one has to be submitted to one hundred percent no low 
degree will his accept , and this is the only way we can be a true 
friend to Jesus Christ is give him one hundred percent of our lives, 
and so many people refused to be committed to him , because they want 
to have charge of their lives and not willing to let him take charge of 
their lives , this is the truth like it or not, and I don't want to 
sound hateful in saying that quote, Jesus Christ prove to us that he is 
a worthily friend he was willing to did on a cruel cross to become our 
mediator and true friend for ever and forever, Now that a friendship 
that last longer that man allotted days being seventy year old , I hope 
that you that reads this has friends and I hope you never allow 
yourself to take for granted those true friend, and this old mountain 
minister would be honored to become you pen email pal and friend, to 
love God is to love people and trust me this isn't so hard for any of 
us to do in earnest of heart, hope you have enjoyed today topic, give 
me and email if you blessed with this short article on friendship .( 
thanks for reading ).


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