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character (standard:Editorials, 884 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Sep 20 2008Views/Reads: 2500/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
some thought on life and ways of men

+                Some folks just never ketch  on how they should be
toward other people, they are distance to other and refuse to open up 
and be themselves, If you was describing yourself how would you explain 
your character , would you rate yourself as a friendly our going 
person, or a compete snob, Sometimes we forget how a person should be 
and fall into the category of selfishness, and find ourselves locked 
into that slot. If we really took a serious look at the way we are in 
general  I am positive we all stand with room for improvements, let us 
ask ourselves what area we need to improve as a human being, One man 
said I hate everyone and  just want to live my life alone and not have 
a single friend, this man has already closed his heart and has become 
cold hearted toward every and has closed his heart to anything that 
would relate to friends, I have meet people that thought they were 
better than others, they want be friends to anyone but someone that 
meet their standards, wealthy people often are caught up with money and 
they rap themselves up with its security I have meet simple common 
folks that were just themselves and they are outgoing in being friendly 
and they make for conversation and are eager to become friend with 
anyone that would receive them, these people are open and they take on 
no other character but their own , they know who they are and accept 
the character that they really are., Ask this question what am I am 
what do I want to be in life in character? Most people would not even 
consider being anything else than what they portray. Did you know that 
a lot of people wear and outward mask, they have double characters,. 
They can changed whenever they want to and become a character to their 
liking. Going back to the high minded people they are not liked  by 
people simply because they set themselves above their peers. Thus 
making simple down to earth people feel inferior. Believe it or not 
there is a lot of high-minded people who will stay that way to death 
parts them from their bodies. The devil fell from the grace of heaven 
and the presents of God because he become high minded he was lifted up 
in himself and become a tyrant of God almighty. Pride does destroy and 
bring people to and alone state, really I know and you know that no one 
has nothing to be really proud about no matter what they have achieved, 
because someone before them has achieved much higher, Being proud of 
maybe being a good honest person is not the kind of pride that I am 
writing about, some pride is a good pride, what I am talking about his 
high stiff neck pride and feeling much better than others, we have no 
right as human being to feel better than other folks, Some who are 
wealthy are looked up to by people simply. because they are wealthy and 
hold high esteem . It one thing to have money and its another thing for 
money to have you. We all are born with nothing in our hands and we 
leave in death empty handed, we are naked at birth and are not clothed. 
We have to crawl before we can learn to walk, we have learn to speak at 
and early time in our baby life. All threw life we are in a learning 
mode,  but some people stop the learning faze and stop at one point in 
their lives and never try and learn more than they have already 
learned' let each of us always be willing to learn and to learn about 
ourselves is the start of something new, honestly how well do you 
actually know yourself,? first off would you mind thinking about your 
best quality and moving on from there, finding out our weak spots would 
be sure worth the effort on our part, and then we can fix the problems 
we're having . One thing people want admit is that they have faults to 
themselves, and those never get any of their faults corrected . Because 
they are no interested in themselves enough to even care. But if you 
have read this far I am sure you can become a better person in 
character. Some people are so kind and consecrate that they are a 
pleasure to be around and associate with. They  are like a fresh drink 
of water on a cool day, their attitude is good and they show it threw 
their character. A person character has to be worked on threw the 
person themselves, character cannot be developed without the effort of 
those interested in their self. Maybe we can establish a better 
relationship with others when we can get a handle on our life as a 
person of good quality character, and that others can see what kind of 
person we have become to the good and not the bad, believe it or not 
each person has a different character , but the question I will ask at 
the close of this article is this what is your true character and does 
the one you have need changes ? 


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