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The Nature of Man (standard:Inspirational stories, 914 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Sep 22 2008Views/Reads: 2241/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Article on Man and his fallen state"

THE Nature of Man 

As anyone would know man has fallen to many sinful desires, and we know
that there is proof of this in the history of man,. In the past war and 
conflicts of man has proven that our first Father Adam become a sinner 
and fell from the Garden of Eden , because he was tempted of the woman 
,in which was beguiled by old Satan to eat the forbidden fruit. Man in 
turn was driven from the garden and from the presents of the lord God. 
The seventh chapter of roman was written by apostle Paul, and he 
described the two nature of the flesh which is the seed of Adam and how 
that after he was  saved and converted, from his sin, Paul describes 
the nature of himself after his salvation, he tells the reader in that 
chapter how that man has a vile nature and that nature come from the 
fallen man and fore Father Adam, he concludes that even after his 
conversion and salvation , that he was still troubled with the old 
natural sinful flesh is at war in his body, he explains that as long as 
he follows the new spiritual man that has took up residence in his 
heart and soul, that things are well and good and pure, he notes that 
even when he is doing good that evil is always lurking it ugly head up 
and bothering his new man which is the Christ nature, Did you ever 
wonder why we as human are always having wrong thoughts and attitudes 
toward others? , well let me answer that thought and question. We know 
that in our flesh there is no good thing to be desired that God would 
accept as being good and pure . To make a long story a little shorter 
there is nothing about the human nature that is good, our nature as 
humans was caused by the fall of our first fore -Fathers and Adam and 
Eve , this is why we are in such of a state as sinful people , it bore 
right into us threw Adam and his fall in the Garden, maybe your reading 
this and you would like to escape this terrible nature, well some bad 
news is coming your way , as long as you live and breathe you will have 
the old flesh living inside the mortal body of yours, we don't have to 
mind our evil fleshly desires this is true , but mind you we  will have 
those evil desires that are constantly trying to get us to obey our 
evil desires, the Bibles explains that if we walk in the spirit of the 
lord we will not obey the flesh and therefore we will excuse that 
desire and follow the pure way of the lord, but what I am trying to get 
across in this article is as long as we are alive in the body , that 
the fleshly man is alive with all the evil attached .. Apostle Paul was 
trying to explain that there are two natures in people if a man has 
been saved and forgiven that don't mean that he has shed the fleshly 
Adam nature, what it mean is that man will have to resist the old 
fallen nature and obey  the new man which was created in his or her 
heart after being saved and born again of the spirit of God, Being born 
again mean a birth of a new nature has happen in the soul and spirit of 
man and a conversion has taken place and a new man created which is 
from the lord salvation ...we know that we are never going to escape 
this sinful wrenched fleshly body , unless the lord at death destroys 
the old nature of Adam which we all have, the bible says that we all 
have sinned and come short of the glory of God , and this is absolutely 
the  truth, and nothing but the truth,  I have never meet anyone man or 
woman that does not have sin in their lives, nor have I or never will I 
meet a perfect human being and neither will you....let us conclude that 
there is and escape for man and woman and this is a new nature a new 
birth that can only be received threw a repentance and conversion and 
salvation , which is by grace alone, we are not saved by works lest any 
one should boast , but threw Grace with is truly a gift of the lord God 
almighty, it is a must that you understand there is two thing in the 
world and knowledge of men these are this Good and evil. The two 
factors exist ... love and hate exist.... We have just touched on a few 
things but these things are important for us to know and accept, Many 
have fallen to unbelief and have settled their doom to and eternal 
everlasting place of the dammed , a place made and designed by the lord 
God for old slew foot old Satan,.... hell was never made or intended 
for man but the devil and his fallen angles .. Some think this is a 
fairy tale but will learn the hard way that as sure as you are alive 
and reading this is as positive as that there is a hell to shun and a 
heaven to gain...any comment or thoughts on this..... email me at 


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