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To believe or not Believe' (standard:Inspirational stories, 647 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Sep 23 2008Views/Reads: 2064/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this is not a story but some thoughts and suggesting to believe in God ...


Down threw the ages we find that man history of beliefs has been in
something, even coming to worship the sun the moon and the stars, and 
in India they are given to worship cows, Man in his quest to worship 
something, has developed something to worship, something to call his 
God ..but we all know or should no that some things that man has chosen 
to worship is false Gods' made up from man seem to me 
that man in general wanted to worship something , so he chose what he 
thought was powerful like the sun or moon, and declared it some kind of 
God, The American Indians worship what they call the great white 
spirit, even in those days of the Indians, somehow they new they was 
something greater that had made the earth , it was knowledge to them 
that something had to make them and was greater than they were, 
evolution teaches that man evolved and sprang from a lower form of 
primate like a monkey or something, common sense would have to take 
affect in people minds that the big bang theory just don't hold up in 
its argument. Everyone believes in something whether they admit it or 
not. The most practical belief is in the lord God of the Holy Bible it 
explains man origin and even who formed the earth , note it don't give 
the formula or go into detain just how the earth was formed, but that 
it was formed and it gives the creator name the lord God of heaven, now 
man can believe what he wants to but mind you he will suffer if he 
don't believe the truth, because the Holy Bible describes what man 
should believe in and that is God and God alone.. No matter who don't 
believe this still don't alter the truth or make the truth of none 
affect... If you wanted too you could worship a turnip and call a 
turnip your God, but believe this a turnip is no God nor is the Sun or 
Moon, God is described as being a spirit and those that worship him 
must worship him in spirit and in truth... Could you describe what a 
spirit is? You might try but I would be confident that you could not 
describe it to the direct meaning, No man has ever seen or looked 
directly at God , this is recorded the Bible, Moses got to see the 
hinder part of God and his face glowed with brightness, that he has to 
have a cloak put over his head to confront the people. This should show 
you just how powerful God is ... The Bible refers to him as the great I 
AM.... and that says it all.. It a shame that some would not believe in 
God they chose to believe in absolutely nothing, and nothing or reward 
will they get at the end of their days,.. The word of God says those 
that believe shall have eternal life and those that don't believe are 
already condemned their own souls to and eternal hell.. Did you even 
notice how offensive people get that don't believe or acknowledge God 
.. It as if they have a inward hate boiling in their hearts, not just 
for God alone but those that chose to believe.. It's a shame that God 
has so left a record of his the Holy bible which is the word f the holy 
God and yet man is resistance to believe in and unwilling to just 
believe, and this is not so hard for any human being is to believe in 
their hearts in the living and holy and loving and gracious God that 
would have  that all men be saved and forgiven . So I ask you dear 
reader what do you really believe in God or nothing?.... 



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