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A Long Night (standard:Creative non-fiction, 334 words)
Author: RimmerAdded: Sep 29 2008Views/Reads: 3436/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
We've all had nights like this.

A Long Night 

Alone at night I sit and wait.  Through a haze of gray Marlboro smoke
time slowly marches on.  The darkness retreats from the glow of the 
television.  I've been watching people long dead:  laughing, dancing, 
and carrying on.  All three stooges my companions for the hour.  In the 
next room as the hours passed by.  The coffee grows stronger scenting 
the air.  As the idea of sleep becomes a long forgotten thing.  The 
dogs have curled up on the couch.  While the cats are sleeping in a 
closet or under a chair, nestled in they're temporary lair. 

My thoughts begin to retreat to days gone by.  As memories flood my
unoccupied mind. Suddenly flickering images of lost friends appear, and 
I start to relive times we shared.  Part of me wishes they were here to 
help me get through this long lonely night. 

To shake this feeling, I'll think of tomorrow.  I grab some paper and
list what needs to be done.  Cleaning, shopping, and a host of other 
chores all fit neatly into their appropriate column.  This done I set 
the paper down. It's done the trick.  I'm back from the past. 

Once again in the here and now, the darkness begins to encircle me in
its embrace.  I can hear some cars off in the distance.  I wonder for a 
second were their heading.  On the twenty-six inch tube an anchorman 
appears.  It's now five A.M. time for the news.  They speak of the 
weather and the war.  I can hear their words, but my mind isn't 
registering the meaning.  I'm finally starting to feel tired. 

An hour later as the sun begins it's accent.  I lift myself from the
chair, and make my way towards the bed.  As the sun beats down on my 
closed window shade, I wish the world a good day.  Then I put my head 
down onto the pillow, and quickly dreams start appearing in my 
exhausted mind.  This night's sleep had finally arrived. 


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