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Professional Public Scribes (standard:Editorials, 565 words)
Author: GXDAdded: Oct 18 2008Views/Reads: 1816/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The new profession of Public Scribe enables people who are at a disadvantage in our complex urbanized and rapidly changing society to more easily cope with demands of our Justice system.

Professional Public Scribes 

Changes during the last decade have left many older people behind in
their ability to cope with today's complex activities of daily living.  
These activities include the use of computers, cellphones,credit cards, 
automated bank machines and other technological challenges. More and 
more elderly people are having difficulty adapting to so many changes 
during the last decade.. 

The Professional Public Scribe is a person with a culturally developed
character who is skilled in using Internet information searches, The 
Scribe is able to deal with people of every age from many different 
cultures. The Scribe listens to a client (in much the same way as a 
doctor or attorney) and formulates a search for information that meets 
the client's needs. Service charges are on a fee-plus-cost basis and 
may be paid by the client or other sponsor. One or two scribes would 
serve each supermarket or mall, in clearly visible locations, with 
privacy. Many scribes would serve each local district, urban or rural.  
This would create millions of new jobs for skilled and highly educated 
people, while serving a great (and growing) need in society.  An 
example shows one advantageous use for the Professional Public Scribe: 

In the real world, minor conflicts of interest often arise.  To cope
with the growing multitude of such disputes, many complex  (costly) 
aides to the Justice system have been spawned:  arbitrators, ombudsmen, 
advocates, mediators, counselors, translators, dispute resolution 
centers,  and many other roles. Since the justice system is often 
overwhelmed by urgent cases,  a low-cost procedure can be used to 
compile a brief, well-written and referenced document to assist judges, 
attorneys , paralegals and other professionals in arriving at a prompt 
judgment.  This would accelerate the subsequent courtroom process and 
clear the way for handling  new cases – in less time and at lower cost. 

To minimize the complexity and costs of legal proceedings for minor
conflicts  (those which are not a matter of life and death),  the 
Professional Public Scribe provides  a new, low-cost way to deal with 
such cases swiftly,  right in the client's neighborhood.  This would 
remove considerable burden from our court system, conserve more of the 
revenue which is transferred from one party to another, and liberate a 
million or more attorneys, judges, bailiffs, jailers, 
prisoners,arbitrators, mediators, counselors, and other minions of the 
Justice hierarchy.  In this way, it would enable them to focus more of 
their efforts on the urgent task of creating value in society. 

What I visualize is a relatively simple software program based on a
long-term round-robin study that would provide the Public Scribe with a 
way to assign positive and negative digital values to clusters of 
concepts expressed in legal documents. These studies would link with 
all accessible databases in the legal profession that are public 
records.  The professional public scribe would be able to locate and 
assemble all the needed legal documentation in a given subject area. 
(Most Internet users may not have the full gamut of skills  to 
effectively  search such a massive data base). The Scribe then 
condenses all the data to a brief, explicit, detailed and easy-to-read 
extract for immediate use. The extract may be from one to several pages 

This is only one example showing the practical use of a Public Scribe
who can provide a wide variety of similar services. 

Ref.: “Concept  for Accelerating  Minor Judgments”  by  Gerald X.
Diamond,  Seattle,  April  8, 1992


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