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Mary's Garden (standard:other, 2183 words)
Author: pheonixAdded: Nov 23 2008Views/Reads: 1860/1416Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mary is orphaned when her parents die and go to heaven. A nice lady adopts her and gives her a garden plot, tools and seeds for her birthday. It is what follows that surprises her.


Wendy was a very unhappy little girl. She had no brothers or sisters.
Worse still, she did not live with her Mummy or Daddy: They had been 
badly hurt in a nasty car accident. They were so badly hurt that God 
thought it best to take them both to Heaven. 

Wendy had to go and live in a home with other children that had no
parents. She didn't like it one bit. She was very unhappy, until one 
day, a lady came to the home. She had no children of her own, so wanted 
to take one of the children from that home, and have the child live 
with her. 

All the children there were very excited, wondering if the lady would
choose them. Wendy was especially excited. It would be lovely, she 
thought, to have a new Mummy. She still loved her other Mummy, and 
talked to her every night, when she said her prayers. Even so, with her 
real Mummy staying in Heaven, Wendy was sure it would be all right if 
she got another one for a while. 

The lady's eyes lit up when she saw Wendy. Wendy was just the girl she
was looking for. In the following days and weeks, they grew to know 
each other well. One Wednesday, the lady came to take Wendy to her 
house to live for a while, and see if Wendy would like to stay there, 
instead of at the Children's Home. 

Everyone was so excited. The lady arrived in a taxi, and the driver put
Wendy's big brown case in the car trunk. With a wave to everyone, Wendy 
was on her way. In what seemed no time at all, the taxi was stopping 
outside a small cottage, by the side of a wood. 

Wendy soon settled in her new home. The lady's name was Nora, and she
asked Wendy to call her Auntie Nora. Wendy was very happy. Now she had 
a Mummy and Daddy in Heaven, and a new Auntie Nora. 

The time passed very quickly, as it does when you are happy, and one day
Auntie Nora told Wendy she had a surprise for her. She told her that 
next day would be Wendy's birthday, and she would be five years old. 

“Will I get a birthday present?” Asked Wendy. 

“You most certainly will. Not only that, but you will soon be able to go
to school with the other village children.” said Auntie Nora. This news 
really thrilled Wendy, and she could hardly wait for the next morning 
to arrive. 

Wendy was up bright and early, but Aunty was up before her. As Wendy
came into the room, Aunty Nora opened her arms for a kiss and said, 

“Happy birthday Wendy. Just open that parcel I hid behind your chair.” 

Wendy looked, and sure enough, there behind her chair was a large
parcel, all tied with pretty ribbon. Auntie Nora told her to open it 
and see what was inside. Wendy pulled the ribbon off, and all the 
pretty paper. Under the paper was a large cardboard box. Wendy lifted 
the lid and peeped inside. Can you guess what was in there? 

Inside the box was a whole pile of lovely new clothes for Wendy to wear
for school. Aunty Nora told Wendy she could try them on later. Wendy 
was very pleased with the clothes, but did wonder if she had got 
anything she could play with. She thought carefully, then asked Aunty, 

“Aunty Nora? I think the clothes are very lovely, but... well, I
wondered if I might have got a present to play with?” Aunty Nora looked 
quite surprised saying, 

“But you are a big girl now Wendy. Surely big girls don't play?” Wendy
didn't know what to say. She looked down shyly and then sneaked a peak 
at Aunty and saw she was starting to laugh as she said, 

“I was just teasing Wendy. I know you like helping me in the garden, so
last night when you were asleep, I prepared a patch of garden just for 
you. If you pop outside, you can see it for yourself.” Wendy brightened 
up again, gave Aunty another kiss, and ran into the garden. She got a 
really BIG surprise. 

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