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The Green Black and White (standard:fantasy, 6022 words)
Author: SpotlightAdded: Mar 13 2001Views/Reads: 3040/15043Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Its done... Its done... I am soo sleepy. About a guy who wants to be a skunk/human, and a bunch of complicated things happen. Enjoy!!! ---For the writers workshop on "Cults". (Unedited Writers Cut!!!)---

The Green Black and White... 

by Spotlight 

It's hard to get used to that long fuzzy black thing where my nose
should be.  It separates the eyes, kind of like a lizard, so sometimes 
my depth perception is hazy.  And the fur getting matted under this 
flimsy clothing reminds me of how my leg hair used to feel against a 
sock.  But it feels so much freer.  Like a dream come true, which of 
course, it is. 

I used to look in the mirror and hate my reflection, but now as I see
only a hazy outline of myself from the blank TV screen, I smile.  My 
gut is gone.  I'm thin!  And this bushy skunk tail acts as a great 
cushion, as long as I don't get excited and start it twitching.  It has 
a mind of its own sometimes.  Stuck in this furry tuxedo, I feel almost 
like a penguin. 

That heightened awareness of my surroundings.  Down the hallway,
somewhere at least two floors away there is a smell.  A smell of 
burning plastic.  The smell my computer gave off when it was on too 
long.  The fan was dead inside, and I knew I had to fix it soon.  Or 
maybe I could just throw it out and get a whole new one.  I gave it a 
kick and continued flipping through WebPages with pretty colors and 

It was my dream to be an anthropomorphic skunk.  Anytime I came across a
website that had even a hint of skunk, my eyes licked the screen, and 
my fingers dropped paintings, and comics, and stories into "My Folder." 
 Sure, I had porn.  But, I also had respectable skunks in all poses, 
running in and out of my brain.  I was obsessed.  For all I could 
remember, that was my only real obsession. 

My wife would catch me sometimes, getting out of bed and sneaking to the
computer, that I had "forgotten" to turn off.  After she would 
over-react, yelling obscenities through me and through our bedroom 
door, out into the hallway, probably scaring the kids, I would shush 
her and the whispering began. 

She would curl into the covers, turned away from me.  "You love that
computer more than your own family." 

I'd step into bed, under the covers and lean towards her.  She would
always pull away at my touch.  "I do not."  I was telling the truth.  
It wasn't the computer I was obsessed with. 

"Yes, you do.  You play it all damn day."  Every time was the same. 
Every time this was her cue to stick her tears as far into the pillow 
as possible, while suspiciously allowing room for ears to hear clearly. 

"I like it.  You know I do.  I sell them for a living you know.  Come
on, at least I'm not having an affair."  I cracked a smile.  She wasn't 
going to see my face any time in the next few seconds, and when she 
did, she'd just want make-up sex.  I made sure to fake my vocal 
sympathies, as a good husband should do. 

"Prob'ly are."  She shifted position, allowing me physical contact. 

"I am not.  I love you.  I would never do something like that to you." 
Maybe for a hot skunk-morph with a nice chest I would, but that was 
only fantasy. 

She sighed.  "I know.  But, can't you just cut back on that computer?  I
think the kids are even worried." 

"Hun, you know for a fact I only relax on that thing at night.  Alex and
Sydney don't care.  Alex was even playing that fighter game with me 
earlier."  We definitely had cute kids.  But, I think every father is 
forced to say that. 

"Well, then love me more and it less!"  I moved in closer, putting an
arm across her chest. 

"I always love you more.  It comes second."  I was assuring her, but I

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