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Tish Heads North (standard:fantasy, 1878 words)
Author: pheonixAdded: Nov 29 2008Views/Reads: 1922/1090Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
These are stories about  six-year-old Ticianita Arabella  Wobbles-Arlott'. Her friends call her 'Tish'.  She has a Talking Kitten - 'Kitty', and a Magic Tummy Button.


The story starts one morning when Tish discovers that she has lost her
Tummy Button in the bath. Fortunately The Man In The Moon replaces it 
with a special Magical Silver Tummy Button. By reciting a verse, and 
twisting it 'One Turn to the Right ', Tish is granted three wishes each 
day until her sixteenth birthday. 

The stories all tend to have a moral, to teach children decent values.
There are currently twenty stories in this series.) 

These are stories about  six-year-old Ticianita Arabella 
Wobbles-Arlott'. Her friends call her 'Tish'.  She has a Talking Kitten 

Tish comes from a rather 'Posh' English family. (Her Papa is a VERY
important man.) Tish has a series of exciting adventures. She meets 
Fairies; Elves; Santa Claus; SpaceMen; Kings and Queens - among others. 
Her adventures take her to castles, an 'old tyme fayre', into the 
desert, the seaside, a camping holiday, and many more adventures around 
the world - and even out to planets in Space! 

The stories all tend to have a moral, to teach children decent values.
Currently there are twenty stories in the series. 


Well, it's certainly cold outside, children, and snowing, so snuggle up,
and I'll tell you about when Tish visited a certain gentleman with a 
long white beard who lives beyond the North Pole... 

Tish was very angry. She stood pointing and shaking her finger at Kitty.
Tish was so angry at her Pussycat that she was actually swearing at 
him: “You are a stupid silly, Pussycat. Sugar, sugar, sugar. Fut, fut, 
fut.” (Mamma always said ‘Sugar' when she was angry – and Papa always 
said ‘Fut.') “You will only get tinned pilchards for dinner. No 
sardines and custard for you today.” 

Kitty looked very sheepish, and sorry for himself: 

He had jumped on top of the wardrobe to catch a moth, and knocked Tish's
Teddy over. Worse than that, he had knocked Tish's favourite Doll over 
– Even worse than that - Dolly landed on her head, and had broken. 

“You had better get out of my sight right this minute Kitty, or I will
not be responsible for my actions.” Tish told her Pussycat. (Mamma 
always said that to Tish when Tish was naughty.) 

Her kitten slid under the bed, and lay there very quietly, not daring to
purr. Tish put her broken doll in the bottom of her wardrobe. She flung 
herself on the bed and started to sob. Under the bed, Kitty crawled up 
near the wall: It was then that Mary the Maid came in. 

It wasn't long before she had heard the full story, and gave Tish a hug,
saying, “Poor Dolly. I'm afraid all we can do is wrap her up and post 
her to Father Christmas. He will probably make her good as new, and 
bring her back on Christmas Eve. Mary had to leave then, as Mamma was 
calling her. 

Tish thought waiting until Christmas was such a long time: Then she had
an idea. She got off her bed and grabbed Dolly from the wardrobe. 
Holding Dolly under her arm she turned to face the West, and lifted her 
jumper and vest, to bare her magic Silver Tummy Button. Holding her 
bottom tight – in case it fell off – she twisted her Silver Tummy 
Button one full turn to the Right, saying the magic rhyme, “Hold my 
bottom firm As Button I turn. Wish be mine At this time. I wish I could 
take Dolly to Father Christmas to get mended, and then come back.” 

Absolutely in an instant, she was standing in front of the biggest
building she had ever seen. There in front of her was a great big 
signpost, with arms ending in pointing arrows. She started to shiver. 
Everywhere was covered in snow. Quickly she read what was on the 

The first one pointed to a very small arched door in the building. She

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