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the poisonous case (standard:mystery, 3178 words)
Author: tammanaAdded: Dec 31 2008Views/Reads: 2363/1290Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this is a story about....well, check it out yourself!!!!!!


Detective Roligue D'souza was pacing up and down in his office. His mind
was deeply indulged in the case he had most recently ‘earned'- yeh – he 
believed that cases are to be earned and money to be collected. His 
assistant, Kumar was sitting on his chair, his head keeping up with the 
pace of D'souza – moving left, then right, and then left. 

Kumar was just opposite of D'souza who was a well-built man, callous,
wise, and a ‘deep thinker and a quick actor'. On the other hand, Kumar 
was a simple young man with still an attitude of a teenager, very 
sensitive, ‘a simple body, simple mind' person who cannot think beyond 
his limits. Besides this, he had an intense appreciation for his 
biology teacher. D'souza had to explain him everything in detail, which 
made him a victim of his short temper. There was no match between them, 
if D'souza was the mighty sky who believed in ruling the world, then 
Kumar was the simple earth, too emotional – who would blossom several 
beautiful flowers when happy and would bring in calamities when angry. 
However, if they were sky and earth then, there must be a horizon, and 
in fact, there was a horizon – it was their understanding, love and 
care for each other. D'souza could have easily appointed a wiser person 
instead of Kumar. But, he was very much fascinated by Kumar's 
enthusiasm – he found that his honey coloured eyes had something very 
different. He believed that Kumar had the potential but needs an 
opportunity to express it. He found a sense of trust and faithfulness 
in him. Kumar was not strong but he would never run away leaving him in 
trouble. And, that made a strong bond, which held them together till 
date. D'souza wore no emotions on his face but he had deep affection 
for Kumar. He thought him to be his younger brother and that was the 
reason why in spite of Kumar's mistakes and foolish acts, he never 
turned him out. A man, who would shoot anyone without any thoughts 
arising in his mind, would regret even after scolding his assistant, 
such was the intensity of his love. 

Meanwhile Roligue had stopped with his ‘walkthinking' as Kumar described
it, and stood beside Kumar leaning over the case file – “so, Mrs Sheela 
Ranawat, found dead in her residence. A suicide note found beside the 
body. It read – ‘I am fully contended with my life. I didn't want any 
more. I have a loving and caring husband, money and all that one can 
dream of. I always wanted to die in peace, with all these luxuries. 
Life is unpredictable, I would not tolerate if life takes a turn and we 
will be left with nothing. Therefore, I have decided to die now, with 
no complain in my heart and no desires left to be fulfilled. It's 
solely my own decision; no one is responsible for it in any possible 

What a reason to die? Was that woman's heart in right place?” snorted

Suddenly Kumar turned to D'souza as if to say something but then shook
his head and looked back at the file. 

“What? ...Out with it,” said D'souza knowing very well that it was not 

worth use. 

“Sir, the post mortem report shows that she died of poisoning – arsenic

“So?” asked D'souza annoyed. 

“but there is no information about her heart ,I think it was in the
middle of chest inclined towards left as I have studied biology 
teacher declared it the appropriate place...” said Kumar trying to 
explain himself as clearly as possible. 

“Oh shut up you fool. It's just a proverb,” said D'souza who was used to
his lack of knowledge about proverbs. Then he looked at the details of 
the body. Suddenly something stuck to his mind. 

“Look Kumar, this lady's right hand is slightly bigger than the left

“But sir... my biology teacher said that...” Kumar started giving his
own reasons when D'souza interrupted him. 

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