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A Dream About You? (standard:other, 5423 words)
Author: The St. John LadyAdded: Jan 28 2009Views/Reads: 1410/832Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I just can't help but dream of you. You ignite my passionate fire and make me feel things I was not prepared for. The nights I have wished I could tell you how I feel, the days I have wished you felt the same!

All characters and ideas are copyright to Nicky D Sarti 2009. 

I have this dream about you, well to be honest it is more about “us”
rather than anything else; but I guess you already knew that right. I 
am not going to lie and tell you that you are the only man I have 
thought about in this way, nor am I going to tell you that you are the 
one; we both know that most of that would be false. I have too much 
respect for you to lie to you; I would never forgive myself if I were 
not one hundred per cent honest with you. 

However, the one thing that seems to be different about my dreams is
you! You seem to haunt them constantly, always present like an old 
faithful memory or guardian angel. But it is not just that though is 
it, I mean never before in my life have my dreams ever seemed so; well 
real. When I close my eyes, it is as if I can feel you standing there 
right in front of me. And maybe that is where all these problems are 
coming from, maybe this is why I cannot be around you too long anymore; 
maybe this is the reason we cannot do the friend thing. 

Maybe I am afraid, yeah that is it; I am afraid. Afraid that you will
see though me, through my act; afraid that you will read my feelings. 
You were always good at that; always able to see through the façade 
that is my life. All the times I spent trying to hide and you easily 
saw through it, and I would always wonder how you managed it. I guess I 
am afraid of the answers if I asked that question you always made me 
feel like I could ask, maybe I am better off not knowing. 

You told me that I did not need to run or act, you taught me to look out
for the simple things in life and that those trials in life would only 
make me stronger. But I am not as strong or as positive as you, I have 
been through too much to start believing that it will all be okay in 
the end. Not that I do not want things to be okay, I am tired of things 
not being okay. You gave me some belief that things would be okay, you 
must have known that your kind words would make me fall. 

I spend many a match thinking about you, if I was being honest it is not
just match days I think about you. You seem to be in my dreams and 
thoughts every single day, but whatever the case; your kindness makes 
me fall even more. So in honesty it is not that hard to see why this 
dream happened, I guess the only thing that is hard to understand; well 
for me anyway, is why it was not real. The thoughts and memories were 
so clear and so strong that I have no idea where reality starts and 
make believe ends, maybe this is the problem in the end; maybe this is 
why I must leave. 

Blankly I stare at the letter in my hands, I must have done this for the
past thirty minutes; but in all honesty it only seems like a few 
seconds. Everything in my mind is screaming at me to rip the letter up 
and walk away, most of my friends had already warned me of this; 
begging me to just let it drop. But as was always my way, I just needed 
to get closure on things; I could not just walk away. There would 
always be that little part of me that wondered; what if... and that 
part would always be the ruling factor in anything I did, I just knew 

In my dreams I am sat at the same bar with the same letter in my hands,
but as I close my eyes I know my dream is going to be different; it 
always is. In my mind you have always had feelings for me, but due to 
the being married bit and never knowing I felt the same; could never 
(or rather would never) say anything to me. In my dreams, somehow you 
become separated etc. Yes, I know that sucks and I know I am probably 
being hypocritical there; but I am not perfect... even in my dreams! 

For some reason, either you have confronted me or I have decided to
finally say something to you. I do not even remember how I tell you, 
let alone when I tell you; but all I know is that one minute I am 
struggling to tell you and the next you have kissed me! Okay I know it 
is daft, but I know that I am sat here blushing slightly as the 
thoughts of kissing you passes though my mind. I feel like a lovesick 
teenager with a schoolgirl crush as I think of your first tender 
touches, my mind enjoying the fact I know you will be a gentleman. 

Despite the beard your lips are soft and tender, you kiss me slowly and
gently; not wanting to force me but not wishing to stop either. From my 
point of view I feel like my hands are not doing the right thing, just 

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