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Stolen Wings (not permanent yet) (standard:fantasy, 7675 words)
Author: kissofthehungryAdded: Feb 02 2009Views/Reads: 2005/1488Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Shauna comes to Earth to learn what mortality feels like so as an Angel of the High Order, she can better understand the human position. But Heaven's been lying and Mason's about to destroy everything she knows. If you guys can read this and let me know



Stripped of the wings that held her so high 

Mortal and suffering so that she may return 

Tears burning her cheeks, staining her skin, 

Pain beating her at every turn. 

The little angel knew only one thing 

Being human was intended to hurt. 

I stood in the middle of the desert, staring around me with only mild
distaste.  The desert, dry and full of cactus, held no appeal 
whatsoever to me compared to the beautiful world I was leaving behind.  
My mentor, Gwendyth, stood before me, her white wings spread out six 
feet on either side, glowing like beacons in the brown and green of the 
landscape.  We were like an oasis of beauty in the bleak landscape but 
I was too focused on the mission at hand to even notice how different 
we were from our surroundings. 

“In order to ascend to the High Order, must I really do this?” I
questioned, feeling almost fear. I wasn't a coward or I wouldn't be 
attempting to join the High Order but nonetheless, I couldn't help the 
shiver of dread that rolled all too humanly through my body.  Becoming 
human wasn't something any of us looked forward to but it was a 
necessary inconvenience if we were to join the high ranks. 

Gwendyth nodded and replied, “Yes, in order to understand the plight of
the humans, you must have once lived as one.  You must spread goodwill 
and charity while living as a mortal.  You must eat now and you can be 
hurt.  After your period of one year, if you have lived a chaste life 
and helped others, you will be raised to the High Order.  If you have 
done wrong, depending on how severe, you may be moved back down, even 
so far as to be removed from Heaven all together.  Shauna, I don't 
believe that will be a problem for you but being human sometimes 
changes one's perspectives.”  I gulped nervously; the thought of being 
removed from Heaven was far from a comforting thought.  Heaven was all 
that I had ever known and it was beautiful, just the thought of that 
world made my heart feel a touch warmer and my wings fluttered a bit as 
if straining to fly back up. 

Gwendyth gestured to my smaller wings, “Those must go too.”  I opened my
mouth to protest, I had never been without wings, I couldn't imagine 
living without them.  My wings were in essence what made me so 
radically different than the other souls who came to Heaven and I 
couldn't picture a day without their graceful contour fanning out 
behind me.  But, this was not something I had been forced to do, I had 
volunteered for it and as such, it seemed silly to protest.  Promptly, 
I closed my mouth and hung my head in both shame and defeat, I would 
learn to live without my wings.  Gwendyth's magic surrounded her and 
then with a searing agony, my wings felt as if they were ripped from my 
shoulder blades. 

Having never felt pain before, the sudden shot of sheer pain dropped me
to my knees and I slumped there, wheezing and sobbing softly.  Fire 
seemed to lance from my back to every nerve in my body and I felt as if 
it were devouring my body from the inside out.  I was so focused on 
this new and despicable feeling that I was hardly able to focus on 
Gwendyth speaking to me again. 

“I'm sorry my child, it is not a pleasant experience.  This is only your
first taste of the hard life you are going to endure.  Remember, live a 
good life, help others and your place will be assured.  Don't, and 
Heaven may slip fully from your grasp,” Gwendyth's voice faded and I 
opened my eyes to see that I was alone.  I wasn't prepared to be human, 
I wanted my wings back and I wanted Gwendyth to be at my side to guide 
me.  I was confident that I was making a huge mistake. 

“Don't leave me yet,” I groaned, rolling over onto my tender back and
staring up at the bright blue sky, “I'm not sure that I really want to 

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