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SOMEBODY (standard:fantasy, 618 words)
Author: BENTLINKAdded: Feb 13 2009Views/Reads: 2145/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Maybe we do hang around for a while when we have unresolved stuff.


I felt every thump from the M. R. I. machine through the metal frame of
the hospital issue wheelchair.  I thought of each thump to my bottom as 
the ticking of some giant unseen clock that was taking measured bites 
out of what remained of my life. 

My family doctor had explained this test was only precautionary so I
should not read too much into it.  I was unsure if the caution part of 
precautionary was so he would not be sued for malpractice or that he 
needed assurance he was treating me for the other disease that looked  
like what I was praying I didn't have. 

I sat alone in the waiting area thinking about what my response would be
if the result of this test were bad.  I had the waiting area to my self 
except for a big pile of soiled bed linen that rested atop a hospital 
gurney near the entry door. 

Imagine my surprise when the disheveled linen let out a rough cough and
three or four rasping breaths and started talking...  “I just want them 
to know I was somebody.  I need a big toe tag they can read so they 
know I was a real person before they start doing stuff to me.  Say!  
Maybe I could get a big tattoo they could see and it would let them 
know about me.” 

There was a lengthy pause of sixty or seventy M. R. I. thumps then
another cough, more ragged breaths, and the linen started talking 

“Yeah that should work a big tattoo that tells them all about me.  It
could start out telling them about where I was born and raised.  Then 
maybe where I went to school before I dropped out and about how I was 
married for a long time.  I tried to be a real good dad.  Maybe I 
should tell them how hard I worked till I got too sick.  If we could 
find room, I could even put in something about my grandkids and great 
grandkids.  I could tell them how I saved that little kid out of the 
creek that time and how I got to shake hands with Willie Nelson in 
Little Rock.” 

“I'm glad I decided to give them my body to use.  It made me feel good
that I would leave something behind to help new doctors learn stuff or 
maybe even help cure some bad diseases.  But then when I thought about 
it, I decided I wanted them to know about who they were looking at even 
though I could not speak up.  Yep that should do it a big print tattoo 
say on my back.” 

The M. R. I. unit took a few more bites from my life and then stopped

The linen gave another ragged inhalation followed by the softly spoken
resignation “Oh never mind just forget it those smart people are busy 
and would probably not want to hear about all that stuff.” 

The door of the testing area opened “Ok sir we are ready for you now.  I
know someone may have all ready ask but are you sure you do not have 
any metal objects on your person or metal implants in you body?” 

“No I have no metal inside or out.  Say who is that guy on the gurney is
he somebody famous or something?” 

“Guy?  What guy?  There's not anybody on the gurney that is just an
extra with yesterday's dirty linen the laundry staff forgot to pick up 
this morning.  Here let's get you turned around and through the door.  
We don't want to keep our doctors waiting or have our machine cool off 
on us now do we?” 


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