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The Wayward Traveler (standard:adventure, 915 words)
Author: YurasuAdded: Feb 19 2009Views/Reads: 3339/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is the first chapter of this story entitled Special Delivery

Chapter 1: Special Delivery 

Every person asks themselves the same question at least once in their
life. What do I have to live for? One person in particular has asked 
that question many times. I would like to introduce this young man to 
you. His name is James Honda. 

James is twenty three years old. He stands at 6'3 and weighs 150 pounds.
He has short black hair and brown eyes. James is very thin and has a 
semi muscular body. James believes that he isn't very attractive. 

James lives in a one bedroom apartment. His mom died when he was three.
His dad kicked him out of the house when he was sixteen. James never 
spoke to his dad again. He doesn't even know if he is alive or not. 
James is a cashier in a department store. He sells men's clothes all 
day long. James uses the money he makes to buy food, clothes, and pay 
the rent. James spends most of his time in his apartment because he 
doesn't have many friends. 

It was a bright Friday morning. James walked off of the bus and into the
store. He clocked in and straightened up the clothes in his department. 
It was a busy day so the time went by faster. He was just about to 
clock out for the day when he heard the store manager over the 
intercom. "James Honda please report to my office." James sighed as he 
walked to the office. I wonder what the manager wants with me? 

James walked into the manager's office. The manager was sitting behind
his desk. "Please sit down James." He nodded his head and sat down. 
"James, I have been looking over your performance records as of late." 
The manager sighed. "Your performance has been below company 
standards." "What does this mean Sir?" "I am sorry, but I have to let 
you go James." James had a sad look on his face as he stood from his 
chair. "Your last paycheck will be mailed to your home." He nodded his 
head as he made his way to the office door. "Oh and one last thing." 
James stopped and turned his head toward the manager. "I wish you luck 
in your future." This brought a smile to his face. "Thank you Sir." 
James left the office, clocked out, and walked out of the store. He got 
on his bus and rode home. 

James sighed as he walked into his home. He changed out of his work
clothes. He put on a black T-shirt and black jeans. He then walked over 
to his favorite chair and relaxed in it. "I can't believe that I was 
fired again. Why can't I seem to hold a job?" James stood up and walked 
to his fridge. He took out a frozen dinner and placed it in the 
microwave. He ate the heated dinner and then walked to his sink. "Do I 
have any reasons to live anymore?" 

James thought about the question for a few minutes. He sighed as he
opened a drawer and removed a sharp knife. He slowly lifted the knife 
toward his throat. "This is the right decision. Nobody will miss me." 
James was about to slit his throat when he heard a knock at his door. 

James placed the knife down on the counter. He walked toward the door. I
wonder who it could be. He opened the door to see a delivery man. "Are 
you James Honda?" "Yes I am." "I have two packages for you. Please sign 
your name next to the X." The man held up a clipboard with a paper on 
it. James signed his name and was given two different size boxes. 
"Thank you and have a good day." James closed the door as the man 
walked back to his truck. 

He placed the two packages on his coffee table. One box was in the shape
of a long rectangle. The bigger box was square shaped. James opened the 
longer box first. He slowly pulled out a long sword. He removed the 
sword from the sheathe and gazed at the blade. "This sword is awesome. 
The blade is so sharp." James sheathed the sword and placed it on his 
couch. He then opened the box. Inside was a game system box. The box 
said that the system was called Revolution X. It also said that 
included were hook up wires, a controller and a game. "Why would 
somebody send me these items?" James shrugged it off and decided to 
hook up the Revolution X. 

It took him about thirty minutes to correctly hook everything up. He
removed the game box and just stared at it. There were no pictures, 
title, or words on the box. James opened the box and was surprised to 
see that the game disc was also blank. "I hope that this isn't one big 
practical joke." He turned on the television and removed the game disc. 
He opened the part of the system, inserted the disc, and closed the 
system. He hit the power button and sat on the couch. He held the 
controller and the sword rested on his lap. 

Suddenly the screen changed from black to white. Avery bright light was
emitted from the television. It was so bright that it forced James to 
close his eyes. James' jaw dropped when he opened his eyes. He was no 
longer sitting in his apartment. He was standing in a destroyed city. 

End Chapter


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