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Todays preachers compared to old time preachers. (standard:Inspirational stories, 394 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Mar 13 2009Views/Reads: 2022/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
today there is a new breed of Ministers , with new ideas on delievering sermons, compare them to the old time preachers'

Today preachers Compared to old time preachers 

some folks brag about how much Bible school there pastor has, and how
well spoken he is, a very lot of stock is taken in education , 
especially in these modern high tech Modern times. The early ministers 
were chosen by God and they had no format on their sermons, they 
preached as the spirit led them, and their education and learning come 
directly from the Holy Bible, secondly they were not called Doctors and 
they had no high esteem among men. Today there is a new breed of 
ministers, they seem so well spoken that in a sense it seems all 
rehearsed from the beginning to the end.. Also they will let you know 
up front of their qualifications, and brag about how much education 
that have to their charge.. The bible says beware when men speak well 
of you.. This might be evidence of your lack of preaching the truth, 
men in general are offended often by the pure simple truth, it get 
under their skin and condemn them of their sins.. I personally believe 
that preachers should preach from being anointed of the lord and preach 
as the holy ghost gives them utterance .. Education Is one thing but 
letting education be more of a guide for a preachers sermons than the 
Holy Ghost is another thing.. If we take a good look at what is right 
we can see the difference..God don't label men in high esteem because 
of how many years they went to theology school , but he guides the 
thoughts of men who will summit themselves to the guidance of the Holy 
Apostle Paul wrote if a man glory let him (glory in  the lord), and not 
(glory in men.). If men be pleasers of men instead of being pleasers of 
God' their work is vein and worthless.. There is a fine line and a 
right way for men to preach ..and the only way is that men empty 
themselves of fleshly thoughts and motives and preach and let God use 
their mouth and summit themselves to the Holy Ghost and let God be the 
speaker instead of some man or professor from some Bible school 
if you agree that read this please email me and let me know what your 
thoughts or opinions on this subject... at( 


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