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Getting old what is next? (standard:Inspirational stories, 693 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Mar 20 2009Views/Reads: 1392/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
some thought of mine

Getting old what next? Most of us that gets old are sooner or later
going to have to face maybe the rest home, where we will be taken care 
of by someone stranger that has the power to treat us anyway as they 
might please. I use to think death was the worst thing that could 
happen to a human being, but , as I have gotten older and seen many 
people that are old just lay in some rest home to suffer their 
remaining days and this certainly would be worse than death, If pain 
and sorrow is part of our way for paying for our lives sin, this seems 
to be hard to accept especially when man is most certain a sinful 
creature , The wages of sin is death witch is our fear , is it death we 
fear ? Or is it the fact that we are going to lose site of those we 
love.? I know God is real because I have love in my life, and I will 
admit that I do not always let love be my guide toward my fellow man.. 
We who have any smarts at all knows well that hate is real and love is 
real, and God is quoted as being love, how can we understand love 
except that God teach us the virtues of love, Ask yourself which is the 
best to love or to hate? That is easy answered by the wise , it is 
easer to love , because love works not ill toward anyone or anything. 
But hate is bitter and it disturbs our life in many different ways, 
there has been times in my life that I given myself to God , to love as 
he commanded, to speak of him as being the loving God and the just God, 
he knows our hearts and see us threw and threw. We cannot hide our 
sins, nor can man forgiven us of our sins and shortcomings. We have 
people today that refuse to accept God they will not have it that there 
is a God that governs the earth , they have listen to old slew foot the 
devil and have established a home in hell. They want admit that love is 
real because God is love and this give us a vision of God he simply and 
wonderfully is a spirit of love. Have you felt God love before? 
Question would you want his love to abide inside your heart and life? 
Tell me if you repented to Christ of  your past and present sin , would 
you accept that he forgive you with faith that he had ? Remember 
believing is the vital part on man part in his relationship with God, 
if a man cannot believe Jesus Christ forgives men sins when they 
earnestly ask him, he can in know wise be saved and born into God 
family, but if he believes and receives then he can be saved, it is 
impossible to please the lord without faith!! I know that grace is a 
gift of God toward man, and we cannot be saved no other way but a godly 
sorrow for our sins and we must recognize that we are sinners in need 
of being forgiven, and we cannot be forgive any other way but by asking 
the Lord Jesus Christ with all our hearts to be forgiven.... is this so 
hard for man to grasp ? The pope cannot forgive your sin , he can pray 
for you on your behalf , but in no wise can he forgiven you sins' 
because he is not the lamb of God who was taken and hung on the cross 
for all the sin of man rest on his death and upon his rising the third 
and appointed day, and who now sets on the right hand of God taking 
intercessions for the saints , I hope this has bless you in some way, I 
am simple man born to poor parents here in Kentucky , please email me 
sometimes I love to meet new people and share my thoughts and opinions, 
email me at


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