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religion which one is true (standard:Inspirational stories, 1001 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 19 2009Views/Reads: 2127/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
some people will close their minds and never read anything that even has a hint of something pretaining to God... this choise is yours and yours alone...


Men from all the past ages have had some kind of faith, nations and
different groups had formed some kind of religions, my interest is this 
religion is right and wholesome and is truth, surely all men cannot be 
right concerning their beliefs and religion. Common sense teaches us 
that ever religion cannot be the true religion, so this has to remind 
us that there is more religions that are dead wrong rather than dead 
right, Finding the true faith is the most important thing involved with 
humans and their quest to go to a better place and have and eternal 
home and solace for their souls. Being  surrounded my thousands of 
different beliefs  and religions will certainly narrow a lot of people 
chances to find the real true faith  thus causing many to die in their 
sins without the true faith applied to their lives, 

The message of Jesus Christ makes  more sense that any other religion,
the facts of him being the son of the loving God are recorded and even 
to the generations of the seeds of Abraham, leads to his birth into the 
world and the sacrifice of his life on Calvary is full proof with 
complete record of this event of him raising on the third and appointed 
day and then going back to heaven and now setting on the right hand of 
God taking intercessions for the people of his faith, Denying these 
facts and turning to another religion will certainly void ones chance 
of going to heaven, we know that God give every man a free will to 
choose what he might believe, but he also put the record of his holy 
bible as one of mans”' choices    ‘ Any religion that is based on any 
other theory that some man has devised and thought up some kind of 
faith and is not the truth and will surely guide those that follow to 
and eternal doom, the holy word does state this blunt y ,one lord one 
faith one baptism , one God that man better cling to or he will find 
himself lost and undone and eventually a eternal doom in the eternal 
everlasting fire where the worm dies not and the fire is not quenched. 

Some men hide their hearts and minds from ever receiving the truth, God
word declares that some men love darkness better than light, did you 
know that more crime happens in night than in day, man want conceal his 
sins he want to hide in darkness, so he want be discovered and put in 
prison for breaking the laws of the land, But on the other hand some 
men love light , they want to find true holiness they seek to favor the 
lord and work hard to be accepted of the lord God, these men are wise 
in their concepts , they struggle to do good and will go to great 
lengths to accomplish that goal' They spend their whole lives in 
service of the lord and they are light for other to see their good 
works and to see the humbleness and good they do not look for vein 
glory that men would seek for show, but for the glory of God they 
summit themselves to do good things that they might be pleasing to God. 
If you're reading this I will guarantee that you have a good interest 
in finding and knowing the truth of the matter of religion, religion 
can be called about any name and can have many titles but religion does 
not save men souls, we known that God word does not specify but one 
church and the church name is the church of God, meaning just what it 
says the one true religion is simply the church of the living God 

Other church names was made by men's theories and opinions and will not
whole water pertaining to the church of God..  A man asks the lord what 
he had to do to have eternal life. Jesus Christ told the man blunt that 
a man must be born again of God spirit , he must repent with a broken 
and  broken contrite heart and repent of his passed sin , and take note 
salvation is from the lord Jesus Christ , he births sinners into the 
family of God the conversion comes at the moment humble lost sinners 
are crying out from a earnest heart that they desire forgiveness ,with 
a broken heart and knowing they are lost and in need of being forgiven 
, Salvation God had made simple to understand but man has to latch on 
to the truth and seek for it from the commandment of the Bible, I leave 
you with this thought  that  it is a must that  a man be born again of 
the lord spirit, there is no other way to heaven but by the lord Jesus 
Christ  , not of good works but of an undeserved  favor from God to man 
called grace, if you go to heaven it want be because you was such a 
good  person or done something that merited  your entering heaven, 

We write this not  in hate or in malice and we are no promoting any
religion but we are promoting what God word says about getting saved 
and born into the family of should be very easy for any of us 
to know that there is but one true religion ; if salvation was hard to 
understand many would never make it to receive the truth to be saved , 
God plan is easy to grasp  it just take common simple reasoning to get 
the message of how a person is to obtain salvation, it is my earnest 
hope that you take to heart what I have written and look for yourself  
to find the true answers to all you spiritual questions and read the 
holy words of the lord God almighty for in its word your questions will 
all be answered by God word... 


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