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At the end of the day (standard:Inspirational stories, 989 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 24 2009Views/Reads: 1963/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
some thoughts on the inter person that each of us has dwelling inside our hearts

When the day is done.. 

some men search for the perfect life some men are greedy and self
centered what manner of man are you, most would dare to answer this 
question, but the answer is within us all, but rather we would want to 
answer this would vary , setting down and really taking and inventory 
of ones self would take much repair if we was completely honest with 
our own selves, I dare say most would even bother it even care to ever 
remind themselves what they are , truth can help or truth can hurt, 
this is a fact, some people go all their lives never letting anyone 
ever know how they are how they think, how the care for others or even 
if they do care for anyone or anything, if you were asked this question 
under oath , how do you feel about others? “your neighbors those that 
you might be associated with at your work place, I knew my fathers 
brothers well one of them name was Denver, and I was around him quite a 
lot growing up close to where he lived in our neighborhood, and I could 
never figure out what he was made of, he never really knew how to be 
friendly and he done a poor job of portraying a friendly person, few 
people have trouble just being themselves and being friendly, he done 
the worst job on that project of any person I was ever around to know, 
he passed away about four years ago , and he was a total closed book to 
me, I never really knew him at all, I can honestly say I love him , but 
to never learn what he was and what he was like as a person, what is 
strange to me is about friendship, some people chose just certain 
people to have as their friends, and some that would want to be these 
types people friends could never win these type peoples friendship, it 
seems some people are in certain slots , the rich folks mingle with the 
rich and the poor mingle with the poor, classes of people, tend to 
flock together, middle income tend to blend with that slot, maybe I am 
not making much sense with what I am trying to get across here, but I 
thinks some that reads this will relate to what I am trying to bring 
out, even wicked people are compelled  to blend with other wicked 
people such as themselves, it a known fact that certain groups just 
want inter mix with other groups, and that leave us to think of the 
patterns of different people and put us all in and order of a group, 
did you ever meet any person that seem real friendly with you , but you 
sensed that it was a false friendship and somehow you knew that the 
person was no at all really what they was acting to be , one thing I 
have learn and its this you cannot make anyone like you less they do it 
in a natural sense, even in church some people will declare that they 
love ever one but in their heart they really don't but they claim to , 
this is also a fact, some of the best people I never meet and talked to 
were dirt poor, they were friendly caring and good to be around, they 
had noting to brag about, they put on no acting on their part but were 
simply themselves completely , I have learn that to be content with one 
selves is and accomplishment. And those that dig deep into their most 
inter self with find that most likely they will find themselves a lot 
of room for improvement, let us consider the tough which is a little 
member of the human body, the tough can utter good words , the tough 
can spread discord, the tough can slander , a tough that is a lair can 
cause much hurt, word that are spoken and proceeds out mouth cannot be 
taken back, one said” they are a record and a witness of what we have 
said or spoken at least with the record of the lord God almighty, war 
have been started by the spoken word of the tough we must all learn to 
control our speech and be careful what we say to others  a positive 
person has a positive tough and can accomplish much with , how many 
people in your life ever really encouraged during some feat or project 
you were involved In, probably not many , as for me that would be a 
fact no many times have I had positive encouragement come my way from 
anyone, it seem that those that would encourage are up beat people that 
are interested in other accomplishments giving them word of go instead 
of defeat, it seem those that are encouraged will do better and try 
harder because someone has some faith in them and it gives them a push 
at whatever the project is, most of our lives is spend without careful 
consideration of what manner of people we should be as personal people, 
most ever one around here in Kentucky has a preached funeral, but as 
you have probably already heard this that we preach our on funeral , by 
the deeds we do and the friends we meet that knows what kind of life we 
all have lived, and it right everyone really preaches their own funeral 
simply because how they had live and appeared to their peers and 
friends down threw the years of their lives, the last and final thought 
what will your life be at the end of the day, will you be a better 
person after reading this , or will you not care enough to ever 
consider of setting your course to be a better person at the end of the 


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