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Escape from the dark tower. (standard:adventure, 609 words)
Author: Lord StoneAdded: May 26 2009Views/Reads: 2793/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Where a magical girl, known a Loral, escapes from a tower that belongs to a dark wizard.

Escaping the dark tower. The sound of breaking metal filled the dark
tower.  Loral, a person of magical power, ran from the dungeon grounds. 
She raced to the foot of the winding staircase that lead up to the 
front doors. Before she could get there, a gargoyle guardian appeared 
at the foot of the staircase.  “Frenzila,” the gargoyle yelled.  Loral 
skidded to a stop in front of the gargoyle. She gasped as ice broke 
through the ground. The ice suddenly took on the shape of the dark 
wizard himself.” Anemobiluilia,” she screamed. She pointed her index 
finger at the wizard and a whirl wind whipped through the air. 
“Aperliex,” the wizard shouted at the same time Loral shouted 
Anemobiluila.  The whirl wind Loral summoned vanished, as well as the 
Gargoyle.  He chuckled an evil chuckle and said, “you're magic is child 
like Loral.”  Loral replied, “I'm no longer helpless Max and I am a 
force to be reckoned with here in your tower of darkness.” As soon as 
she said those words she stretched her hand out to him, palm face up. 
“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Max shouted and began to evaporate.   “One trap 
down, two to go,” said Loral.  She raced to the stairs and raced up 
them. She soon came up to the end of the stairs where a large mirror 
stood. She walked up to it, and walked right into it. She vanished. As 
soon as she stepped through, she found herself in a room with two 
torches in either side of an extremely small mirror. Circling the 
mirror were four pieces of glass.  A voice boomed from the centered 
mirror, “If you want to get out then tell me which voice is telling the 
truth.” The voice continued, “If you solve the problem given to you, 
then face the wizard to see if you can win your freedom, but if you 
fail then you will turn to dust.” Loral shivered and answered, “I will 
answer the Question correctly. “ Which of my voices tell the truth?”  
At that moment two voices filled the air. One said, “I can help you 
escape.” The other said, “The way is through me.”  The room fell 
silent. Loral thought about what they said for a moment, then answered. 
 The voice that said, “The way is through me.” “Correct, “The voice 
boomed. “Good luck facing him.” Said the voice. The room disappeared 
and was replaced by the outside grounds of the tower.  There was the 
wizard in person. He said, “didn't expect you to get passed the mirror, 
but I've underestimated some forces.”  Loral replied, “Let's duel.”  
“Aney,” Max shouted.  “Pretenet,” Loral screamed at the same time.   
Flashes of red and blue light filled the air. Both had there palms 
facing toward the other.  “Give up,” Max shouted.  “Never,” Loral 
replied.   Where the spells connected began moving toward Max. He 
looked at Loral astonished. He began to put some major effort into his 
spell.  The connection began to move toward Loral. She began to shake 
as her spell began to be dispelled, which means that your spell no 
longer can sustain the others spell.  Loral realized that she was 
loosing the battle.  She searched her brain for a spell that would 
counter his. She found nothing. “I guess you win max,” Loral said. She 
let her spell fall, but shouted “Dispel.”  She was hit full force with 
his spell, but it immediately bounced off of her, and zipped through 
the air hitting Max. He crumpled to the ground and was still. Loral 
knew she won. She raced down the path to safety, never looking back. 
She defeated the most powerful dark wizard. THE END. 


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