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Dream scape (standard:horror, 1453 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 31 2009Views/Reads: 2062/1193Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this yarn takes some unexpected turns.. take a read"

Leaving the city and finely getting to take the well deserved vacation
was exciting for Frank Jones, he has worked all year at the auto shop 
rebuilding wrecks, but the next two weeks belong all to him , a paid 
advancement for his Vacation with his pocket full of doe and he was a 
single man just turning thirty four years old. He decided to go spend 
the next two weeks in eastern Kentucky where his uncle Frank lives and 
owned a small farm, it felt good to driving on the beautiful spring day 
, and getting out of the hustle and stress of city life, Mike hoped he 
could recall the way to the rural area, where his Uncle farm was, he 
thought he knew at least, he drove all day and it become dark it was a 
long ride to Kentucky from the city and would take him about two whole 
days to make it, but what the heck he had two weeks to do anything he 
wanted to do, The county outside his car was turning into the green 
flush country side of Kentucky and he knew that it would not be much 
longer till he would make it to his Uncles, night fell and he drove on 
and somehow he got off the route he was suppose to be on, how has this 
happen has he become so sleepy that he had make a wrong turn, something 
was strange now the wide road had turned into a dirt road, with grass 
high on it sides, gosh he think I am on the wrong road this is not 
right he thinking, and he tries to find a place to turn around and 
cannot because there is small sapling trees all along the road side, 
all he could do was just drive on till he come to a wide place 
somewhere to turn around and try and get back on the right road to his 
uncles place, This was getting strange he keep looking for a place to 
turn around but to no avail the sapling tree were so close to the sides 
of the grassy road there was no way he could turn his large SUVs, he 
thought once about maybe trying to back his way out of this mess but 
that would take hours, how in the world did this happen, he is thinking 
and asking himself., Sometimes strange things happen and this was one 
of those times. Driving on and hoping to drive himself out of this road 
and turn and go back to where he messed up was becoming a burden he 
never needed, not a house not a sigh of life of no kind anywhere, and 
this made his more suspicious that something was wrong something more 
than just getting lost, he drove for what seemed  hours and finely come 
to the end of this grassy road at the end was a large old two story 
house that appeared to have been someone home a long time ago , it had 
vines grew all over the front almost overtaking all the large southern 
type windows . he could t help to be a little hesitant to turn at the 
wide place and that was his mistake, the suv stalled and it just stop 
running and he cranked and cranked and it would not start,  he kept on 
cranking and cranking and the battery finely give plume out, He thinks 
to himself I must be a hundred and fifty miles from the main road, with 
not a house of the light of a house was anywhere, and now his vacation 
was looking like it was turning into a night mare, He tried to call on 
his cell phone and it was dead, no signal at this location, now what 
was he to do he thinks and get out of his vehicle and lays across the 
hood in pure despair. How could this wonderful vacation trip had took a 
bad turn, and now he was at his wits in to know what he was going to 
do, I will have to stay here tonight and begin my walk out of here 
tomorrow and find help to get his vehicle fixed, he knew that was 
obvious, he takes a walk toward the old house the path to it was grew 
over with thick brush, he watched for snakes knowing that Kentucky had 
poison species, it was getting dark and he desisted to investigate the 
old place, he walked onto the porch and  step up on the rotten porch 
and  the boards were so rotten it broke through with him, braking his 
right leg and he  tries to pull his leg up out of the splintered mess 
and cuts a large gash on the calf of his leg, now he is in for a real 
mess , now he cannot hardly walk , the pain his terrible , and he 
manages to make it to his vehicle , and find some tissue and stopped 
the bleeding , all he can do now is get in the suv and set and try and 
think of what his next moved would be, he knew that most likely his leg 
would get infected by the cut of those old rotten boards, what was he 
going to do, he thinks, no way to get help now, no way to phone anyone 
of his friends in the city and no way to walk out of this situation, he 
thanked God that he had put a small amount of food he had brought along 
with him in his Suv, that would  do him for a day or two , but one 
bottle of pop was all he had brought with him and not a drop of water 
to drink, his leg was hurting awfully bad the pain almost unbearably , 
what a vacation had turned into a nightmare, Where am I he asked 
himself? As he looks at the green rolling flush green ridges, no man 
land is where he was , it was evident, that this place had been 
forgotten and leaf desolate, the road leading in here had the look that 
he was the only one on it for a hundred years of more,  but reality of 
this was haunting him , he had drove for miles on this grassy narrow 
road that lead to this ghostly looking place, and now he has a broken 

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