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The Eclipse (standard:fantasy, 366 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Lord StoneUpdated: Aug 07 2009Views/Reads: 2201/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A new teacher, known as Loral Stone, learns what life means, and gives her life to God.

Chapter 1 Loral Stone walked into the school building with a nervous
expression.  It was her first day of teaching and she was scared.  She 
felt like she would hurl any moment and go home sick. “Never minded 
becoming sick before,” she thought quietly to her self.  “But I do not 
want to teach today. “She cursed silently.  She walked up to the eighth 
grade hall and walked up to her class room.  When she entered the whole 
room was in disaster. Kids were out of there seats, Hornets were being 
shot at one another, and people were messing with the glass test tubes 
on there desks. Loral screamed, “Enough.” The room got real quiet.  All 
of the eighth graders in her class room had all of there eyes on her.  
Loral said calmly, “Now I want for all of you to get all of your books, 
and / or anything you brought to class, and line up out side silently 
in a single file line.” The class walked out silently and lined up in a 
single file line. Already her kids were thinking, “We are so doomed.”  
She walked out and said go in, but do not sit down.  The kids walked in 
the class room and stood along the walls. Loral walked to her desk and 
picked up a clip board. The role was on it. She set all of her stuff 
down, and walked to the front desk.  She said, “When you get your name 
called you will sit at the table you're assigned to, and will not mess 
with the equipment on it. You will sit in pairs, and don't complain 
about it.  A voice shouted, “what if we don't do what you want us to 
do.” Loral replied, “Then you will receive the effect of my anger.”  
The room fell into place. Every one was in there seats, and the place 
was in order. For some odd reason many students believed she was a 
witch with an ego for power because every class that day went the way 
she wanted it to go. But the students had no idea of the change that 
was to come in the next few months. 


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