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Life and Death (standard:poetry, 164 words)
Author: Lord StoneAdded: Jun 09 2009Views/Reads: 1793/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Writing poetry is a little new to me. even though I've written a little bit, but tell me how I did.

Life and Death. 

Life is where you live in many different ways. Life is the living part
of the world. I under stand what life and death is, although I've never 
experianced death, I figure It can be painful, or non painful. I 
believe in God. The creator of heaven and earth. God is life. Without 
God we are dead. With God we are alive, Was lost, but now found. Death 
is not the end. But it is the beginning of another life. A life that 
can be spent in two places. Heaven, a place of rejoicing and spending 
time with God. Hades, the place of the lake of fire of suffering, and 
eternal pain. You can choose what path you take, but only in this life. 
It's either excepting God as who he should be in all lives, or spitting 
in his face and calling him a liar.  What ever path you choose to take 
is your bisness. But remember of the consequences. 


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