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Wonders (standard:poetry, 154 words)
Author: BlindAngelAdded: Mar 21 2001Views/Reads: 2977/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Kind of hard to say what its about, just read it. feedback appreciated.

what would it be like if we all wondered in clear light? 

kept no thoughts our own, 

if we didn't always walk in shadows 

paranoid of things that will never be 

if all we spoke was our own 

if we were all united, not a stanger among us 

uniformed and engineered to perfection 

your life not just your own, 

would this complete lack of differences be a paradise or a hell 

a life without surprise or change 

everything predictable but everything unknown 

your achievments not just yours anymore 

when someone laughed or mourned so would all the world 

a death in one family would be a death in all 

each generation new and improved 

and yet the same 

personal no longer a word 

and marriages arranged by people you've never met yet strangely know 

every face familiar yet never seen before 

all this could come to be 

if we all wondered in clear light


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