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Two Innovations Seeking a Sponsor (standard:Creative non-fiction, 351 words)
Author: GXDAdded: Jun 12 2009Views/Reads: 2485/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The two innovations offered here respond to urgent human needs. Interested parties may inquire for more detail at: -- GXD

I am seeking sponsors for the following two concepts. 


The two concepts offered here have been developed over the past 12
years, and serve urgent needs in our contemporary society.  Please 
contact me for more general information, or meet with me to review the 
full details. 

1. A Re-usable Synthetic Rain Forest to Recover Deserts 


As global warming proceeds, new desert areas are forming.  This process
can be mitigated, halted and reversed by constructing a "synthetic rain 
forest" of simple, low-cost materials that can be easily erected or 
disassembled.  The synthetic rain forest takes advantage of natural 
changes in temperature and humidity to generate water for irrigation 
where needed, extracting moisture directly from the atmosphere.  The 
construction described here has no motors or moving parts and can be 
adapted to climatic conditions for maximum efficiency.  A special 
advantage of the synthetic forest is that it can supply soil moisture 
for as long as needed to grow natural forests that can take over the 
job in future years. 

2. Internal Reaction Device for Weight Reduction 


This device uses electrical energy to lift itself until it becomes
weightless -- or less.   The device efficiently converts rotary motion 
into lift within its totally-enclosed housing by displacing a 
high-density fluid and sustaining it in free flight or free fall.  It 
can be safely used to lift construction materials without need for a 
tower crane.  There are no external moving parts.  The device utilizes 
a new principle described here, and can be fabricated from current and 
easily available materials, in larger or in sub-miniature sizes to meet 
weight reduction needs in a wide variety of applications. 

Detailed information is available to enable computer modelling of these
two innovations, in order to establish (A) their feasability and (B) 
their potential utility to individuals or communities who can benefit 
from them.  Based on the information derived from such studies, working 
models can be constructed to initiate the development phase so that 
prompt action can be taken to raise resources and place the innovations 
into service. 

Gerald X. Diamond 

Seattle June 12, 2009 

All Rights Reserv4d 


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