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Flight 103 (standard:Ghost stories, 558 words)
Author: CobraoneAdded: Jun 17 2009Views/Reads: 2950/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A man finds out that he was always alone at the airport.

"Flight 108 will be boarding at Gate no. 23 in fifteen minutes." That
was the announcement made at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Mr. 
Wilson and his wife Claire were anxiously awaiting their first trip to 
Jerusalem. Mr. Wilson was a tell slender man in his mid-fifties. His 
wife, Claire was one year older than him, but looked five years younger 
for her age. "Imagine honey, all of our kids are all grown up now and 
for the very first time in many years, we are actually going somewhere 
on our own. Just the two of us," Mr. Wilson said. She looked deeply 
into his light blue eyes. "Honey, I am very excited to be spending time 
alone with you. This is a special moment for me because I love you very 
much." Mr. Wilson knew that he had a wife who deeply loved him for who 
he was, more than anyone in the world. "I hope you didn't forget the 
tickets for the trip," Claire said jokingly. Mr. Wilson reached into 
his right side vest pocket and pulled out the tickets. "They're here," 
he said smiling. "Flight 108 will be boarding at Gate no. 23 in ten 
minutes," came the announcement over the airports speakers. "Honey, do 
you know where the restroom is?" Claire asked. "We just passed it while 
our luggage were being checked in." Mr. Wilson told his wife. "I'll be 
right back, honey." Claire got up and left to the restroom. Five 
minutes passed by and Mr. Wilson was getting a little nervous thinking 
that his wife will probably miss the flight. He got up and went 
searching for her. As he approached the ladies room, he asked a young 
lady coming out if she had seen a petite woman with a brown coat in the 
bathroom. "No, sir. I was the only one in there," reply the young lady. 
"Thank you," Mr. Wilson said. "She's probably waiting for me upstairs 
near the gate." Mr. Wilson took the escalator upstairs to the second 
floor and rushed to the boarding Gate no. 23. To his surprise,his wife 
was not there. "Excuse me sir, have you seen a petite woman with a 
brown coat waiting in this area?" he asked an attendant. "No, I 
haven't," was the reply. "Where can she be?" Mr. Wilson was now getting 
a little worried. "Can you do me a favor and check to see if she 
boarded the plane without anyone noticing?" "I will check for you sir. 
Just wait here. What's her name?" The attendant asked. "Claire Wilson," 
Mr. Wilson said. After searching the plane diligently, the attendant 
came out and explained to Mr. Wilson that there was no one by the name 
of Claire onboard. "Are you sure you're at the right gate, Mr. Wilson?" 
The attendant asked. Mr Wilson reached into his pocket and pulled out 
the tickets. "Here are my tickets." Mr. Wilson handed the tickets to 
the attendant. "This is not possible. It can't be." The attendant said 
with a bewildered look on his face. "Is there something wrong, son?" 
Mr. Wilson asked. "Sir, there must be some kind of mistake. These 
tickets are three years old. Flight 108 crashed on the same date that 
are on these tickets - that was three years ago." Mr. Wilson sat down 
numbed and didn't say a word.


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