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Stepping Stone (standard:poetry, 946 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Jun 19 2009Views/Reads: 1336/725Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is the most beautiful and the realest poem I have written to date. I know it's a bit length. But, if you read to the end, I think you'll enjoy it. Feedback is SO appreciated on this one!

Stepping Stones 


Twenty-one months ago our lives changed for the better. 

At least in my opinion, I assume you feel the same. 

There have been many rocks along the way. 

Some made us stumble, others we've leapt over without a thought. 

This is to commemorate those small pebbles. 



From day one we knew this wasn't going to be easy. 

True love isn't simply sunshine and rainbows. 

Turtles have a hard impenetrable shell. 

Butterflies start life as ugly worms. 

We hurt the other to protect ourselves. 

Failing to realize it does more harm than good. 

“Time heals all wounds.” Said by Menander. 

Not when the ache comes from a person who's more afraid of themselves,
than to make the effort to believe in the love they feel. 

It's only when the guard drops that trust begins. 

It's only when you open the heart do we experience life to the fullest. 


Missed Opportunities: 

There have been many unanswered questions, disregarded phone calls,
e-mails deleted without a thought given to the fact it was important to 

Days were we could have seen the other, but didn't because of pride. 

Moments have slipped by without souls speaking from fear of rejection,
not knowing how the other would react, or fear of being proven right. 

Unspoken requests, communicated pleas, and tender hearted vibes put in
the air get looked over by dread of giving what is wanted. 

A total disregard of emotions cover the other from having to experience
them also. 

“Love isn't supposed to hurt.” A wise woman once told me. 

I beg to differ! 

It's the pain from love which lets you know it's a living, breathing


Misguided Emotions: 

Feelings come into play which shouldn't enter this type of relationship.

Though it makes for a more “real” relationship, they have the potential
to kill. 

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