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The cost of Freedom (standard:Inspirational stories, 476 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Jun 21 2009Views/Reads: 1916/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
sometimes we forget what a nation we live in let us never be ashamed of our nations that stands for freedom for all man kind, this is why America is Great '

The cost of freedom Did you ever set down and think about what a
opportunity you have as a American citizen,? The right to drive your 
car anywhere in the country, and the right to chose the type job you 
want to work at, Some nations have no rights at all hardly, these 
people are stranded in a world of suffering with no freedom to chose or 
ever better their lives, hopelessness without ever having any other 
better opportunity , wars have been fought for the cause of freedom , 
young men getting off airplanes in the republic o f Vietnam and the 
shores of the late nineteen fifties Korean conflict between the north 
and south. How many men have you told that you appreciate their service 
of war time events? Not much right? Well   isn't it about time for you 
did? Think of the nineteen and twenty years young men that lost their 
lives for our nation in these wars of world war one and two and the 
Korean war and of course Vietnam, I was fifty three years old when the 
first person looked me square in the eyes and said ; thanks man for 
what your did for our nation, this touched me so much I almost was in 
tears to just thinks someone cared enough about me to show gratitude 
for my two years service for our great nation,  the greatest men alive 
established this country with the slogan in “GOD WE TRUST” let us never 
allow this to be taken off our currency , and let our flag wave its 
motions of freedom  a man said I looked and old glory remained flying 
her banner, the red line represent the blood that has been shed for the 
cause of man freedom,  the white represent the purity of God and his 
people, the blue stands for freedom , that shines as a cloudless spring 
day, freedom means to me smiles, the playing of children in the park, 
the smile of the preacher who loves and greets his flock with the grace 
and mercy of God, it means I can sing my song , I can fly above the 
blue sky I cannot express my love to my fellow man,  so next time my 
beloved red blooded American you get the chance thank a Veteran , and 
see if the blessing of almighty God don't make chill bump come to your 
body, give honor to which honor to whom honor is due and tribute, we 
owe the service men and woman more than this nation can ever pay back, 
get a American spirit and let freedom rein , and never be ashamed to 
express how you love being a citizen of Good old America the land of 
the free and the home of the brave,  written by Vietnam veteran Stanley 
McQueen Kentucky veteran---- 


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