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why are we here on earth what is man purpose ? (standard:Inspirational stories, 909 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Jul 29 2009Views/Reads: 2227/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this is some thought on life and why we are here on earth , the purpose of man , sharing my beliefs and opinions

The wonder of it all Did you ever set down and think about life in
General, we are born and soon we get old and die, as those before us 
have done , the human mind is a strange thing it weigh about a pound 
and a half and is capable of storing memories and wisdom which 
according to scientist is the human mind is capable of storing lot of 
learning and wisdom and only a little of our brains is used, did you 
ever thinks of what was your purpose on earth and wondered why you was 
born, i guess we all have different questions pertaining to life, and 
it seem after a life is lived and one dies that soon they are forgotten 
and certainly after all those that are still left alive when the ones 
that knew the departed dies then all is lost of the person forever 
because the next generation all they might know is where the person is 
buried and the marker might give them the year the departed died, and 
really to thinks about it what does our life here on earth really 
amount too.? some men in history has been remembered for their great 
deed and things while they were alive and their deeds live on, and the 
wicked men who have been serial killers and such will  probably be 
remembered for a long time because of their awful deeds of  mass 
murders, often leave a memo of  such wicked people , if we set down and 
look at really how vein our lives here are, its all temporal we would 
maybe get the idea of setting down and just give up for the good that 
we do is always in the end vein, and will be forgotten, never to be 
mentioned by those that died after us and our even the memory of those 
left alive after our dieting will soon perish in the coming generation, 
as we get older death thoughts come more frequent , know our days on 
earth are about to come to and end in death, we are told in the holy 
Bible that death come by mans sins, Adam and eve sins passed down to 
all generations of earth bringing the death sentence to all mankind. by 
one man and woman sin brought condemnation to all that would come 
hereafter , for since them man has died , proving that God word is 
true,  Atheist just don't get it that there is a God a divine spiritual 
creature that has always been who had no beginning , but has always 
been, according to man knowledge everything must have a beginning , 
what i am saying is this we cannot understand how God has always been 
and had no beginning, bluntly its just the truth because the holy word 
of God declares it and its noting but the truth. if your a unbeliever 
you will think what i have written about God is rubbish and God give 
you that right to believe or not believe, i will say it would be better 
if you did believe in God then you have a good chance to have eternal 
life at the end of you fleshly life. what man could say he understood 
the creation some would say they understand how things come to be, but 
no man can know that wisdom but God himself, God don't have to explain 
every thing to us humans , and if he did explain i don't think we could 
perceive it anyhow. so what is your life but like a shadow passing over 
the earth , that is here but a moment and soon gone, what is life and 
what is the meaning of all this, ? men have pondered all this down 
threw many generation. i have the answer too the above question , and 
here it is{ the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep his 
commandment for this is the whole duty of mankind} so what do you think 
, have i stumbled on the very purpose of all of us human being? yes i 
do believe with all my heart and soul this is the reason of life, that 
man is to love his  creator and keep his rules which are his 
commandments,  if you disagree with me that fine , but that don't 
destroy my opinion and the truth cannot be altered by unbelieving souls 
of men,  i am a firm believer that there is nothing really good in any 
human being , less the lord has applied grace and forgiveness in his or 
her life,  the bible says there is none good no not one for we have all 
sinned and come short of the glory of God.. i have written some 
thoughts on the purposes of men and all of man kind, and if you would 
like to share some of your thought on life and God please email me at i would be more than happy to get acquainted with you 
threw email , and maybe we could learn from each other, i am a simple 
common man with a lot of questing about like here on earth in general, 
hope this has open up some thought about you life and what your life is 
about, ,  if you have read this far thanks for reading my thought and 
have a wonderful day , thanks again ,..bye for now 


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