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Faith works always (standard:Inspirational stories, 403 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Jul 31 2009Views/Reads: 2196/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
the importance of having faith in christian life

Faith importance 

Faith is a word that is spoken a lot, Faith is what the Bible requires
all believer in God to have , often in the Bible will quote have faith 
in God.. This commandment is the very essence of God requirements that 
God demands for believers to have, the Bible says directly this without 
faith it is impossible to please God, so to us believers let us soak 
this into our mind and let us look closely how vital it is to have 
faith and not to have unbelief... knowing this is the very key to 
opening our request to God, knowing that by believing and not thinking 
negative will certainly bring about answers to prayers.. If we know 
this to be true why do we often disbelieve .. Answer the human creature 
that we all are is the trouble, Jesus Said that the spirit is strong 
but the flesh is weak, if a man pray for something to happen and make 
his petition to God and he don't believe his prayers are going be 
answered they for a fact what be answered, its just that simple and 
very true,. We are required to have faith and to believe with all our 
mind heart and strength, so does a Christian have faith , it's a must 
that he or she does to please God, there is not middle partition “ so 
where do you stand today if you are a Christian, question do you have 
unwavering faith or not? That question only you can answer no one else 
can” you might ask how do we establish Faith? Answer this come from 
within you no one can give you faith not even God who requires this to 
come from within you... How hard it seem to pray for something and 
honestly believe that its going to come to pass ?.. This would seem a 
simple task , but it certainly not and easy one. Don't you see in the 
bible what faith does for men, and woman who has obtained faith, Faith 
make prayers to be answered.. God always honors faith and act on it. I 
could write all day about the importance of having unwavering faith and 
explain how vital faith is in the believers heart, it just a must to 
have is all there is too it, leaving this quote(without Faith it is 
impossible to please God”. Thanks for reading, 


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