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The Mending Queen (standard:poetry, 244 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Aug 05 2009Views/Reads: 1224/707Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
They say time heals all wounds. I disagree. I think it's love that heals all wounds. Whether it's from someone else, or the love you find inside of yourself. You CAN heal.

The Mending Queen 


I can't go on. 

My heart hurts to much. 

My soul is broken in two. 

My mind is filled with anguish. 

My body longs for yours. 

Tears flow and dry up. 

Hope flies out the window. 

All I have left is my faith. 

However misguided it is. 


I just want it back. 

I want what you said to be true. 

Wasn't supposed to change. 

It was to become stronger. 

Now I have nothing of you 

expect the heart you gave to me. 

And it's lost without the matching beat. 


Take it back, 

the heart screams. 

Make it right, 

the mind yells. 

Heal us both, 

the soul cries. 

Make me yours again, 

the body begs. 

All to no avail. 

I don't feel you anymore. 


The clouds part. 

Voices fight in my head. 

Pleas for understanding. 

Tears for knowing the ache he's caused. 

Begging me to let him go. 

Freeing me from myself. 

Protecting what will always be. 

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