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Straving for the Dream (standard:poetry, 169 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Aug 05 2009Views/Reads: 1332/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This was for two challenges. In one we had to use the word "kiss." In another we were given a list of words. "Starvation" was one of them to be used in an context of the word.

Starving for the Dream 

Thunder rolls outside. 

Rain hits the tin roof. 

I long to be out there. 

Naked and free. 

Lifting my face to the sky. 

Let it wash away the pain. 


My soul has been rendered. 

My heart ripped from my chest. 

My body grows cold and numb. 

Doubts and fears come home. 

Insecurities of the future reign. 

Seeing what may never be. 


Mind plays tricks. 

Wonder how you coping. 

If you miss me at all. 

Tormented by thoughts of you holding her. 

Praying for just one word. 

Hoping against hope for something . . . anything. 


Fingers itch. 

Hands long to caress. 

Lips starved to be kissed. 

Just one look is all I need. 

Yet here I sit. 

Tears streaming down my cheeks. 


Reality isn't what it should be. 

Love sucks when it's felt but not shown. 

Everything goes up in smoke. 

Want the fantasy instead. 

I continue on. 

Living in the shadow of Monday's love. 

© July 29, 2009 by Lori


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