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mr. popular meets miss unnoticed (standard:romance, 581 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Aug 23 2009Views/Reads: 1863/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a popular playboy figures out he's falling in love with a normal innocent and unoticed girl but something seems to bother her and makes her mysteriouse and he can't wwait to find out what it is.

he seemed a bit mad but not too much. we all took our seats. 

"ok class today we have a new student her name is Kara," He started off
as a petite girl with long black hair put up in a loose pony tail and 
big green eyes. She was cute you know like puppy dog cute maybe with 
some make up and a hair style she'd be hotter than Amanda. 

"any volenteers to show her around today?" he asked eyeing everyone.
every one then broke eye contact and turned around to talk to their 

i began to do the same i got up from my seat to sit next to Amanda but
as i began to walk towards her Mr. Todder then announced,"Why Mr. 
harper it is to see someone volenteer for once." i gave him a wtf look 
but he ignored it. 

"but Mr. T i didn't..." i began but then saw the blankless and innocent
look of the new girl's eyes and my heart softened. "ugh...fine." i 

slowly and idly i walked toward's the charcole colered haired girl.
"come on." i gave her my hand. she looked at me her eyes in shock but 
with a little fear she took it. 

"so your name's Kara huh? I'm Darren by the way." i introduced myself as
we made our way towards the cafeteria. "yes that's my name nice to meet 
you thanks for showing me around i'm sorry he made you." she said so 
softly and sweetly. i quickly began to like her voice it was soft but 
very musical, kindof like an angle's. 

"ok so this is probably my personaly favorite place in the whole skool
the cafeteria." i said as i introduced it to her.She softly chuckled, 
and if i liked her voice i loved her laugh. after that i showed her the 
rest of the school. 

gosh what was wrong with me was i acctualy enjoying myself with her just
showing her around? i scolded myself as we walked back to class. "thank 
you for showing me around it was fun." she smiled and soon went in the 
class with me. 

When i got home i couldn't wait to head over to the lake take a swim or
boat ride i had to get my mind out of her why was i attracted to her? 
was it just her voice or her laugh i really didn't know it was so damn 
confusing! i had to take my mind away from thinking of her. 

i headed towards the lake that we shared with an empty house across the
lake. when i was at the dock i jumped into the cold refreshing lake. i 
swam around for a while but then decided to get the row boat and make 
my way towards the other side, trasspassing to the empty house i mean 
it was abandoned who cared? it was technically not trasspassing plus i 
loved exploring the small forest there. 

i was in the middle of the lake when i saw a colorful pink tail come up
and a head then bobbed out. it had long brown hair and it was only 
about 10 yards away so i could probably get to her. i jusmped in and 
began to follow her she swam fast but i wasn't so bad my self i then 
got a hold of her arm. 

scared she turned around and i could she her face a little. i recognized
her a little


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