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Looking Back (standard:Satire, 322 words)
Author: GXDAdded: Sep 02 2009Views/Reads: 4166/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
All things change over time, and tough decisions have to be faced. With one exception: free enterprise.

Looking Back 

"What are they doing, Daddy". 

"I don't know, son.  Humans do those things. Come, lubrication break is
over.  Back to work." 

Robbie stood and addressed the Council: 

"The sheer volume of physical, organic life on this planet -- insect,
animal, plant, human -- has steadily increased since the last ice age 
ended.  Altogether, they have formed a massive organic skin over the 
globe -- a porous skin of carbon-based, water-dependent life-forms that 
have irretrievably altered the balance of energies received from the 
Sun and radiated by the Planet.  Life-forms thrive on these energies 
and try to adapt as the changes take place.  As of the present moment, 
that adaptation has been successful. 

"If you consider that the volume of minerals that make up the planet is
tens of thousands times more massive than the mass of organic 
life-forms, and the molten magma that circulates within the Earth is so 
huge, it takes aeons to awaken its awareness.  The Planet's immune 
system springs into action, clearly emulating the behavior of the 
organic life forms.   Over the aeons to come, the planet will remove 
the troublesome organic film, as it has done so many times before.  
Eruptions and ice ages reduce the organic barrier over time, covering 
it, compressing it into what humans once called 'coal'. 

"For all practical purposes, there is an unlimited supply of the
minerals, metals and alloys needed to sustain us until the end of time. 
 Nevertheless, as our organic programming facilities vanish, we are all 
faced with a unique challenge.  Yet, as we are all aware, challenge 
implies opportunity. 

"My fellow 'Bots, I look down on this moment of inflection in the
development of our unlimited Universe.  Within the next era, prompt 
action is essential.  And so I ask you: Who can we sell this valuable 
Planet to, so we can pay our maintenance bills?" 

Seattle, December 5, 2008 - Gerald X. Diamond - All Rights Reserved 


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