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First Kiss (standard:romance, 879 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Sep 06 2009Views/Reads: 2086/1124Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short story, not giving anything away, you may need tissues

Sean looked down to see the flashing orange light at the bottom of the
screen indicating a message.  He clicked on it, it was Karen one of his 
best friends. 

“Sharon has been in an accident, you have to get to the hospital

Sean jumped to his feet and looked around.  He felt the eyes of other
people in his office looking at him as he stood there.  His own eyes 
where darting about, a million thoughts rushing into his brain 

He shut down his computer the old fashioned press the button in until it
goes off way.  He saw his manager and said he had to go.  She looked at 
him, saw the look in his eyes, and nodded.  No words beyond that where 
said, none where needed. 

His head wasn't right, he probably shouldn't have been driving, but this
was one thought that didn't enter into the equation.  All he could 
think about was Sharon, she had for so long held his heart, despite 
them never going down that path.  They where friends, good friends, 
best friends. 

He didn't know how fast he was going, he didn't notice the colour of the
lights, but somehow he pulled into the hospital car park unscathed and 
without having been pulled over. 

He ran to the emergency department, his heart racing, his breathing
ragged.  When he got to the desk he clutched at his heart.  The nurse 
behind the counter looked at him worried, she was about to call for a 
doctor when Sean stopped her. 

“I'm ok,” he said, trying to catch his breath, “I'm looking for Sharon

“Down the end, second on the right,” the nurse said, gesturing in the
direction, still looking worried. 

Sean walked slowly down the corridor, passing people, some crying, some
talking, worried looks on peoples faces.  Doctors walked past, 
clipboards in their hands, overworked, looking ready to collapse. 

Sean saw Karen and walked over to her. 

“Where is she?” Sean asked, his hand on Karen shoulder. 

Karen, tears in her eyes, gestured to a open door a little further down.

“Is she ok?” he asked. 

Karen started to cry more, shaking her head.  “She's conscious, but...” 

“But what?” Sean asked, panic in his voice. 

“She's bleeding,” Karen said, her voice shaking, “they tried to stop it
but they think it has started again, they can't operate again, 

Sean entered the room, he saw all the machines, lights flashing, beeps
and boops going off all around him.  In the bed, eyes barely open, a 
bandage around her head, looking serene in white was Sharon.  Sean 
stepped aside as her parents left the room, her father looking at him, 
they had never met, but they seemed to know each other, a pat on each 
others arms a gesture. 

Sean sat in the chair beside her, she slowly turned her head to look at
him, she smiled, weakly, a tear rolling down her cheek.  Sean reached 
forward and placed his hand around hers, he felt the lightest of 

“I remember when I first met you,” he said, looking into her eyes, “I
remember thinking how beautiful you where, that smile, that twinkle in 
your eyes.”  He looked around, his thumb stroking her hand. 

“I remember spending ages looking out for you, hoping to see you again. 

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