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Infatuation (standard:poetry, 487 words)
Author: Hopeless RomeoAdded: Mar 23 2001Views/Reads: 2842/1457Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It was a winter storm.

Infatuation  (~~~ Separates Stanzas) 

It was, to me, a blizzard; A winter 

Squall passing violently through my life. 


When first I saw her eyes, the snow began 

To fall.  The flakes increased in size as I 

Struggled not to drown in those bottomless 

pools of innocence and beauty; passion 

And tenderness; expression and emotion. 


Those eyes.  Their icy blue was the river. 

The river, frozen when the storm turned the 

Air frigid.  The river, the gleam of which 

Captivates the eye, reflecting even 

The slightest bit of light amidst the clouds. 


And this ray of light was her golden hair. 

Bracing against the looming clouds above, 

In preparation for the coming stormó 

That which I was to remember foreveró 

I saw a beam, just visible, as it 

Illuminated the scene.  So her hair 

Was able, and independently so, 

To brighten even the darkest of days. 


As the noise of the potent winter wind 

Filled the air, it stole my attention; my 

Consciousness was flooded with refreshing, 

Brisk, and captivating registration 

of emotion.  So her voice enthralled me. 

I likewise found myself lost in her words. 

I was unable to focus my mind 

Beyond the even the simplest and the 

Most trivial of her utterances. 


And the squall itself? Such was how I felt. 

The violence as the intensity 

Of the storm increased would leave within me 

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