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Checkmate ch.1 Frozen Feelings (standard:adventure, 3694 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: AndrewUpdated: Nov 19 2009Views/Reads: 2301/1144Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A king and queen are being run down by invaders from a distant land. There only hope for surving the war is to depend on each other. There loves gives him amazing powers that others only dream of. The only question is...will love be enough?


The feeling I get when were together ... I cant explain it. The rush,
the excitement, abilities beyond most peoples imagination. My name is 
Redwan and this lovely figure next to me is Nena. We are king and queen 
of the land of the White Time. We are in a time of great war. The Black 
Distance is trying to destroy our people and if either the king or 
queen are taken out then its game over. So needless to say we are there 
primary targets. Our knights are spread thin across the land fighting 
there own battles so we are left with just each other. But im thinking 
that's all were going to need. 

. . . Frozen Feelings 

I leg sweep a pawn and then lift him into the air. Nena rolls over my
back and kicks him into the canyon wall. He smashes into the wall and 
collapses to the floor breathless. The other two pawns run off the way 
they came in a hurry. I hug Nena in excitement lifting her off the 

R-"We did it again Nena! Another wave of pawns taken down." I hold her
and rock back and forth so ecstatic that we made it through another 

N-"Yeah we did it.” She says rather slowly. She turns and looks at the
pawn left on the ground with a saddened look on her face. 

R-" What's wrong Nena?" Her expression puzzles me as I thought she would
be happy that we won. I look into her once sparkling eyes that seem to 
have grown dull out of despair. 

N-" Another one is gone." Her eyes grow dark and slowly roll downward. 

R- " We won though; we can't always help the casualties." I hope to
reassure her but my words don't seem to help whats bothering her. 

N- "That's not what I mean. It's not the casualties that bother me." I
reach for her soft hand and take it in mine. She raises her stunning 
green eyes and looks up at me. 

R-" Than what troubles you my love?” I cant stand to see her sad like
this. There must be a deeper reason for the sorrow that has brought so 
much darkness into those eyes that I never thought would lose there 

N-" Its just ... we keep fighting black soldiers and keep winning
but...” She says the words slowly and drops her head back down. 

R-" But what? What else can we do Nena?" There is despair in her voice
as I try to comfort her for a problem I cant figure out. 

N-" When is it ever going to end? We can't just keep fighting forever?"
Her eyes begin to glisten as she breaks into tears and falls to her 

R-"Hey now it will be alright I'll protect you." I drop to my knees next
to her and put my arms around her. 

N-" I know but I want it all to end (sniff) please just make it end."
She cries into my shoulder and I want so badly to tell her its over 
right now. I want to tell her with one word I can end this war and we 
can go back to the way things were, but I cant. 

R-"Don't worry Nena I promise it will be over soon. I'll make sure of
it." I don't know if I can carry through on my promise but ill give it 
my all. 

N-" I hope so. I sure hope so." I pull her in close to me as she tries
to quell her tears. 

R-“Know this my queen, that I will do everything in my power to protect
you and I will use my whole life fighting for you. If it comes down to 
that then I will use my last breath to tell you I love you.” We kneel 
there in each others arms knowing this is the beginning of something 
much bigger than we've ever faced together and I for one feel as though 

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