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The Lover's Journal (standard:romance, 678 words)
Author: Hopeless RomeoAdded: Mar 23 2001Views/Reads: 2729/7Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Exerps from the journal of a romantic who finds himself fallen in love.

The Lover's Journal 

"...the way I feel about her is incredible, it's a situation where she's
all I think about, and she unknowingly becomes such a large part of my 
life. I find it fantastic, how that works. How just in being her, she 
can so pivotally effect my life the way she does. Her smile, how it 
always seems to make the pain in my world dissapear. Her laughter, how 
it always seems to extinguish the heartache and renew my feelings for 
her. Just her being, her pure and simple existance, how it draws me 
into a realm of unexplainable feeling, indescribable emotion, all best 
summed up in the powerful four-letter word: love..." 

"She is there. She is the wind, the rain, the sun. She is in all that I
see, in all that I think. Her name is in all that I hear. And if the 
love in my heart were a river, she would be the force that makes it 
flow. If it were a song, the sound of her voice would construct the 
exquisite melody. If it were a fire, it would burn fueld by my passion, 
my visions, and my feelings for her. She is there. Alas! I love her! 
Apart from her I am not complete. Without her the river does not flow, 
away from her the song becomes faint, and the fire is reduced to 

"...It's truly remarkable, also, how pure my feelings for her are. That
is to say, my fantasies, my daydreams, my dreams, all take place in the 
absence of even the slightest degree of impurity. I can associate her 
only with romantic thoughts, because it is all my herat seems to 
permit. I understand that it is truly difficult to believe, but rest 
assured, I speak the truth..." 

"...the moment she opened the door that night, clad in her perriwinkle
dress, clinging to her entire admirable form and creating such an 
imposingly beautiful visage, I knew I was in for the time of my life. 
To take in her entire form so abruptly left me just short of 
lightheaded, and even now, in reflection, I feel the flutter of 
admiration and awe, with each picture that was taken, a moment was 
captured; a reminder of my one night of a seemingly elevated 

"...It's incredible, really, how I can feel so strongly for her; it's as
if my feelings get stronger with each passing moment, each smile, each 
glance in her direction..." 

"...but now is it feasible that I could be in love with her? Or is there
still yet another level of feeling above this that is love? Still so 
far above anything I can dream of now? I know that that may be 
possible, but something inside me seems to doubt that. And maybe it's 
that part of me that goes wild from seeing her in a picture, that part 
of me that will put everything aside just to talk to her. Maybe it's 
that part of me that won't let me think of her in even the slightest 
degree of impurity. Maybe it's that same part of me that makes every 
pain, every hardship, every worry, every trouble go away when I'm with 
her. That same part of me that inspires me to write for hours about 
her; to fall asleep every night and wake up every morning with her on 
my mind..." 

"...Now as I've previously written, observing her asleep left me in awe;
truly holding her was incredible. It possessed a monumental simplicity: 
a sort of virgin ecstasy came over me, an entirely pure pleasure 
derived simply from being there, holding her in my arms while she lay 
there, at the peak of her serenity. She possessed a calm and 
fundamental beauty beyond all possible description. An overwhelming 
scene, as if carefully crafted according to the fantasies of my 
romantic heart, had come to life, and I was further blessed in that I 
was able to recognize this instantly..." 

"...despite the apparent absurdity of the statement, I've slowly fallen
in love..." 


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