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Have You Ever Wondered...? (standard:Inspirational stories, 1157 words)
Author: Alex TownsendAdded: Dec 19 2009Views/Reads: 1698/971Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Fictional short story about how a simple, seemingly insignificant act, can change the world.

They sit on the side of the fountain and start talking and the world
seems to stop turning. It's just them and the fountain. The 
conversation leads to the "reason of life" and all that good-stuff. She 
wants to know what her purpose in life is... 

"...I mean, what's the point? Like, why am I here?" 

"to serve God" 


"Your purpose," he says matter-of-factly, " to serve God. He told
me so." 

"Are you turning all priest on me now?" She laughs. He can't possibly be

"Not priest, actually, I'm a servant of God." 

"God's servant...I see. And what kind of application did you have to
fill-out to get that job?" 

"No application. I'm what you would call an 'Angel'." 

"So, where are your wings?" 

"Common misconception." 

"Ok. And why are you friends with me then, Angel of God?" 

"He sent me to guide you to fulfill your destiny." 

"God has a destiny for me?" She rolls her eyes and stands up to walk

"Yes" She stops and turns to face him. 

"You're not an angel, so quit pretending." 

"I'm not pretending anything." Uh-huh...and pigs can fly. 

"Prove it then." 

"Ask me anything that you think I couldn't possibly know about you" 

"Ok, who'd I have a crush on in 9th grade?" She folds her arms,
confident that he has no clue...she's never breathed a word to anyone 
but her cat, so there's no way he could know the answer. 

"Joseph Whitehouse." This stuns her, but she keeps herself composed.
"Lucky guess..." 

"He was also your first kiss...That night when your mom was out of town,
you invited him over and he gave you a kiss underneath that tree in 
your front yard. The same tree you planted 4 years earlier because you 
wanted to see if planting trees turned your thumbs green. You named the 
tree're favorite character off Friends." 

Her mouth falls open. She's lost for words. He sighs, stands up, and
walks next to her and places his hands on her shoulders. 

"You have a great destiny that will lead millions of people to God." She
didn't believe him...she couldn''s impossible...isn't it? 
Seriously, how could that be real? 

" let's say I believed you..." She brushes his hands off her
shoulders. "What destiny could I possibly have? I'm not great at all! 
There's nothing special about me!" 

"You are wrong there. Because of you, awesome things will happen in this

"And what...hypothetically speaking...would I have to do to be all
'great' and everything?" 

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